Netgear N600 Router Setup: Step By Step Instructions To Connect To Wireless Network

Netgear N600 Router Setup: Step By Step Instructions To Connect To Wireless Network

March 3, 2019 ROUTER 0

Many users face various technical issues while setting up their Netgear N600 routers, especially when they try to configure the device using Smart Wizard. Before proceeding towards the router setup, it is essential to have clarity regarding the connectivity between devices. Here, any wrong step towards hooking up the cables can damage both the router and your PC without any prior warning. If you want to know “how to do the Netgear N600 router setup?”, go through this article for correct instructions. Here, you will learn all the details on connecting your routing device to a computer and access the internet after configuring it on the router login page. So, let’s start with importance to do the setup for Netgear N600 using Smart Wizard.

Why you should install Netgear N600 router setup correctly on your device

You may not be aware of this fact but, an incorrect method of installing the Netgear router can backfire anytime. For stable internet connectivity on your computer, you need to have the proper Netgear N600 router setup. Otherwise, there can be conflicts with the router’s IP address and it can lead to internet loss. Also, if there are any technical issues with your current installation or the Netgear version, you can resolve it using a new setup. Often, customers may feel the need to install the router, if they have accidentally pressed the factory reset button. So, with the help of Netgear Smart Wizard, they will be able to configure the routing device easily and quickly. Also, it will make sure that the device doesn’t perform sluggishly and can work perfectly both on ethernet and wireless connection.

Apply these steps to perform Netgear N600 router setup

If you want your router to work correctly and provide wireless network efficiently, go through the following steps to ensure proper connectivity.

For the physical setup

Your first task is to switch on your PC, Netgear N600 router and the modem. Also, remove the extra cables attached to all these devices and unplug the power supply.

Now, make use of an ethernet cable and connect one of its end to the modem’s internet port. The next end of this cable will go straight into the internet slot on the Netgear router.

Take one more ethernet cable and use it for connecting the router and your computer. But, this time, you need to insert one end of this cable into the LAN port of Netgear router. So, the other end goes directly into the LAN slot for your PC.

After the connection is over, switch on the modem and you just have to wait for some time until the LEDs turn solid and stable. Next, turn on the Netgear N600 router and repeat the same process until the lights are turning stable.

For the online setup

Once, you finish the above steps for physical setup, open an internet browser on your PC. Make sure that you are using an uninterrupted Ethernet or WiFi connection while doing the rest of the Netgear N600 router setup.

So, on the address bar, type Netgear router’s default IP address Then, press the ‘Enter’ key and wait until the browser displays the Netgear router login page.

After this, you will have to use the default login credentials to enter into the online setup wizard.

In case you have the old Netgear N600 router device, it will show the Smart Wizard interface, However, those who are using newer models, they will view Netgear Genie setup on their displays.

So, on your window’s left pane, you will find the tab for ‘Advanced’, which you have to click. Then hit the option for ‘Setup Wizard’ and the user will be asked whether he/she wants the Netgear N600 router setup to identify the internet connection. Hence, you have to select the key for ‘Next’ to confirm this action.

Next, for detecting the wireless or Ethernet connection, you need to give the router setup wizard some time to detect the signals. After it finds the internet, your screen will show the ‘Congratulations’ page for a successful connection.

In the final step, you will have to hit the tab for ‘take me to the internet’ and check whether the router is working perfectly.

Solutions to apply if Netgear N600 wireless dual band router setup fails

Even if the users try to install the Netgear N600 wireless dual band router setup by applying proper steps, there can be technical issues. Hence, the following steps will help you to resolve issues with Netgear router and connect to the internet again. So, let’s check them out:

  • Power on the N600 router and press the reset button by a pointing object.
  • After resetting, allow the device to configure as per default settings. Also, type in the address bar of the browser.
  • Enter proper login credentials to open the Netgear N600 Setup Wizard. After this, choose ‘Dynamic IP’ and press ‘Enter’ key.
  • Provide proper IP Address along with the router’s subnet mask and save these settings.
  • Log out from the setup wizard and open the browser to check if the internet is working.

For more installation and troubleshooting information on Netgear N600 router setup, you can consult a technician for technical details.

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