[Fixed] Linksys Error 211

[Fixed] Linksys Error 211

November 11, 2019 ROUTER 0


When you are trying to install a Linksys network adapter in Windows 7 Operating System, then sometimes Linksys error 211 might pop up on the screen. 

Occasionally, when you are trying to restore your computer to factory reset, then also this issue might crop up. Thus, you need to fix this issue immediately as it can lead to some serious damages. 

So, if you encounter this error code and looking for the answer on how to wipe out this technical glitch, then follow the passage till the end. 

In the below part, we have discussed almost each and everything related to this error code. We also come up with some effective solutions which will surely help you to fix the problem within no time.

Linksys Wireless Adapter Error 211: Probable Causes

Before moving to the resolving part, we suggest you take a look at the following part and become aware of the possible causes for the occurrence of error code 211 on your system.

So that for the next time, you can take precautions.

  • Problem with the Network Connectivity
  • If the network adapter is not installed properly
  • Sometimes, after performing a factory reset, you face this error code.

These are the possible causes. Now, look at the rest of the content to fix this flaw without any hassle.

Easy and Effective Ways to Fix Linksys Error 211:

Keep an eye on the accurate solutions listed in the below section to get rid of this problem within a flicker of time.

Solution 1- Manually Install the Driver

This is one of the simplest solutions that you can try to eliminate this error. To execute this task, here are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1

In the beginning, you have to download the proper driver for your Network adapter. After that, you should plug in the Network Adapter and from there, navigate to the Device Manager option.

Step 2

In the next step, you have to choose Update Driver Software. 

Thereafter, you should follow the online instructions to complete the process manually. Once done, then restart your Linksys router as well as your computer.

After that, try to operate the Linksys router without any flaw.

Solution 2- Perform a Clean Boot

If you find that the above solution is not workable in your case, then do not worry. Here is another quick and effective solution for you.

In order to apply this solution on your device, follow the given below instructions.

Step 1

At first, press the Windows and R keys simultaneously to open the Run dialog box. Once the Run dialog box opens, then type ‘misconfig’ in the available field and hit the OK button.

Step 2

Now, a new window will show on the display. Here, you should drop down and click on the General tab. Then, you can see lots of options. From there, select the Selective Startup option.

Step 3

After that, unmark the dialog box beside the ‘Load startup item’ and go to the ‘Services’ tab. In addition, you have to check the dialog box beside the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ button.

Step 4

Then, click on the ‘Disable all’ option. Again, navigate to the Startup tab and tap on the ‘Open Task Manager’ option.

Next, click on the OK button to take the effect of these changes.

After that, you have to restore your system with the help of the following steps.

  1. First, open the Run dialog box and enter ‘misconfig’ in the given field and press the Enter button.
  2. Again, navigate to the General tab and select Normal Setup. After that, click on the Service tab as well as uncheck the dialog box beside the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’.
  3. Next, select the Enable All option and move back to the Startup tab.
  4. In addition, you have to click on the ‘Open Task Manager’ and right-click on all the startup program to enable them all.

Thereafter, you should click on the Yes button to restore the system.

Finally, check if the issue has been troubleshot or not. If you fail to eliminate the Linksys error 211 this time as well, then give the next solution a try to resolve the issue.

Solution 3- Scan your System

If the above two solutions fail to fix the problem, then we suggest you scan your system. Then check if the issue occurs due to the virus attack or not.

To do so, at first, you have to download a reliable scanning tool from the internet and install it on your computer. 

Then, double click on the installed tool to run it and scan the system. In case, you found any virus, then download and install an antivirus to remove the virus.

Once you make your system virus-free, then install the Linksys network adapter and enjoy its function.

Wrapping Up

We believe, now you have no more confusion regarding how to fix Linksys error 211. What you have to do is just follow the above solutions one by one and check which one can bring the desired result for you. Hope that you will find the article useful.