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How to Fix Wii Error Codes 51330, 51030, 50299 Network related errors are not uncommon for users of Nintendo, a gaming console. Wii error code 51330 is the most common of them. When your gaming console will not be able to connect to the internet it will show this error. Likewise, it can show other…
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January 9, 2020 0

[Resolved] Netgear Authentication Problem

Working with Netgear router is not a very easy job as it can often generate issues related to authentication failure. If the Netgear authentication problem persists for a long time, it can never fix the misconfiguration in your wireless network.  Hence, to make use of the WiFi facility using a Netgear device, you have to…
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September 4, 2019 0

Learn How To Sync ASUS Router With NTP Server For Updating Network Time On Your System

How To Sync ASUS Router With NTP ServerHow To Sync ASUS Router With NTP ServerHow To Sync ASUS Router With NTP ServerFor any ASUS router to work properly, it is essential to pay attention to the system time synchronization settings. Somehow, if the clock gets out of sync from the networked device, it can lead…
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February 22, 2019 0