TP Link Powerline Adapter Not Working: Quick Way To Fix It

TP Link Powerline Adapter Not Working: Quick Way To Fix It

September 4, 2019 ROUTER 0

Are you facing problems regarding your TP Link powerline adapter? Is your TP Link powerline adapter not working? If your answer is yes then don’t worry. Here in this article, you will get to learn the methods to fix the issue.

Facing problems in connecting the tp-link powerline adapter? Facing problems in accessing the internet on your computer via the adapter? Continue reading to find out the ways to fix the issue. 

Ways to Troubleshoot the TP-Link Powerline Adapter not Working

The various ways to troubleshoot the aforesaid the problem are explained below. You may not have to try all of them. Just follow them one by one until the issue gets fixed.

Method 1: Reset your TP-Link Adapter

The problem of TP-Link powerline adapter not working or connecting can be solved by resetting. Now there are two possible methods in which you can reset the adapter. One being resetting using the software and the other one is to reset it with the help of the reset button. Let us get into some details.

Resetting using the Software

If you just want to reset all the connected adapters in one go then choose this way to reset via the software. The settings of the adapter can also be adjusted by you. Let us get into the steps directly.

  • Make sure that the powerline adapter is plugged into the socket.
  • Next, start the TP-Link software, and go to “the management utility”.
  • From a number of tabs at the top of the screen, select “System”.
  • If you solely want to reset the adapter that is connected to your computer, then click Reset Local Device. If you want to reset all the adapters in your network, then just select another option which says that “Reset all Devices”.
  • You will get to see a flash on the LED/s of the Adapter/s. Wait until they stay without the flash.
  • The reset procedure has been now done. Therefore, reconnect the powerline adapters to each other.

Resetting with the Help of the Reset Button

Now, if you do not like to use the software for the said purpose, then you can reset an individual adapter with the use of the reset button on the device. To do so, here are the steps:

  • First and foremost, check whether the powerline adapters are plugged into the socket.
  • Find out the powerline adapter’s reset button. Search for the button at the bottom of the adapter which is hidden behind the narrow opening. Also, this part is labeled as Reset.
  • With the help of a paperclip press the Reset button for about ten seconds until the lights flash. Note that if you do not press it for 10 seconds then it will not restart. 
  • Wait until the LEDs on the adapters have stopped flashing. 
  • Now your Power adapter has been reset.
  • If you want, you can set up your powerline adapters again.

Method 2: Test your Internet and Hardware

  • First, check whether your internet is on or not. 
  • Reset your router by plugging and unplugging it.
  • Try to get a full factory reset on your router if you desire.
  • Try to plug the device directly into the router with the ethernet cable to test the connectivity. If in this way you get a connection, then the problems are within the powerlines and circuitry.
  • Also, try other ethernet cables to connect other devices and adapters.

Though it may sound obvious, you should check the internet connection of your area at first.

Method 4: Test your Powerline Adapters and Circuitry

  • Check first that all the three LED lights on your Adapters are ON and the data light is blinking which indicates data transfer.
  • If you see that the pair light is not ON, then just try to pair the adapters next to each other in some adjacent sockets. 
  • If you are successful, then try it in different sockets in the same room till you find a good connection.
  • Try to unplug them for 60 seconds and repair the adapters by using the pair button.
  • Check if the hard factory button is available.
  • If the above process isn’t successful, then the adapters might be broken. Check the warranty or returns policy.
  • Some house circuitry might be complex. Also, some old fuse boxes or some worn wiring can be a reason behind the adapters not working.

Therefore you should just test the powerline adapters.

Method 5: Test for Interference

  • It is better not to use powerline‌ ‌adapter power strips leads, they are best if plugged directly into the wall 
  • Just note that you do not use it near any high electricity usage devices like dryers, washers or fridges.
  • Also, do not use them beside any device that is connected to some switching power supply, for example, phone, USB chargers, etc. 
  • If interference is your issue, then a powerline adapter with passthrough is a good option. It helps in filtering out the noise.

To Conclude

Thus, to conclude, you are now fully equipped with ways to troubleshoot or fix the TP-Link powerline adapter not working. Share with us how you used these methods and how they were a help to you.

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