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Elementor #1598

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How to Fix Wii Error Codes 51330, 51030, 50299

Network related errors are not uncommon for users of Nintendo, a gaming console. Wii error code 51330 is the most common of them. When your gaming console will not be able to connect to the internet it will show this error. 

Likewise, it can show other error codes such as 51030, 50299, etc. and each of them comes with a message stating something like ‘Unable to connect to the internet’.

Causes behind Wii Error Codes

As mentioned, trouble with connecting to the internet can give rise to a number of error codes for a Nintendo user. For example:


51330: This code shows when the authentication process between the console and the router or access point fails.


51030: The console will search for an access point and when the access points within its reach are not configured into it, this error might show.

50299: This one shows when your console is unable to connect to an online service

Fixing Wii Error Codes 51330, 51030, 50299

Below, we have provided the solutions using which you can fix Wii error code 51030. These fixes work well with the other codes like 51330 and 50299 and any network-related error on Nintendo in general.

Method 1: Power Cycle Your Router

Most of the time when you face problems with connecting your console to the internet using a wireless access point, the wireless router must be facing some issue. If this is the scenario for you, you have to power cycle your router to reset it. The issue will hopefully get fixed after this process and it does not matter what was the reason behind the error. Here are the steps following which you can reset your wireless router.

  • Turn off your router.
  • Unplug the cable from the router’s power outlet.
  • Wait for two minutes for the router to get properly power cycled.
  • Connect the cable back to the power outlet.
  • Turn on your router again.
  • Connect the Wii to the access point.

Now check if this process has fixed the Wii error code.

Method 2: Change the Connection Security Type

If the above procedure did not fix your problem, maybe an incorrect connection security type is responsible for it. For such a scenario, you will see the error message every time when you try to connect the console to the internet. 


If such is the case, you have to change the connection security type to WPA2-PSK (AES). To do that, follow the steps below.


  • Go to the Wii Menu first and press the Wii button on the remote of the console.
  • Choose Wii Settings.
  • In the Wii System Settings menu, go to the second page using the little arrow that you are going to find on the right side of the screen. Choose ‘Internet’ after getting there.
  • Select Connection Settings then.
  • Choose the connection profile which you are using now and click on Change Settings.
  • Go to the second page using the small arrow that you are going to find on the right side of the page. After getting there, choose the option Type pf Security.
  • Choose WAP2-PSK (AES).

Note: if the access point has a different configuration through which you are trying to connect to the internet, choose that instead.

  • Put the password of the access point and choose OK.
  • Click on the Save and choose OK. After that, your console will begin testing the connection and it will use the newly configured security parameters to do that.

Method 3: Check if the Password is Incorrect for the Wireless Network

A wrong password is one of the most common causes for errors like Wii error code 51330 to show up. So, make sure you are putting the right password for the wireless network. 

You have to access the wireless network settings of your Wii console, and after selecting the access point put the right password on the password field. After putting the password check if the error is fixed or not.

Method 4: Check if the Wireless Mode of Your Router is Compatible with Your Wii Console

Only the 802.11g and 802.11b wireless formats are supported for the Wii console of Nintendo. So, you face the error code 51330 or any other if the wireless router is using any other wireless mode. If this is the case for which you are facing the issue, you have to get into the settings of your wireless router.


To edit the settings of your wireless router, you have to follow the manual of your router or you can look for it on Google, searching your router’s model number. Setting procedures are different for different routers.


Fix the connection between your Wii console and the access point after changing the settings. Check if this method has fixed the issue you were facing.

Method 5: Check the New Modification

This is an important method. In your WiFi, find a recent modification that you did. You have to do the same in your Wii as the change you have done for your security. If the security is changed from WEP to WPA or the opposite, you have to do the same in the Wii.


You have the MAC filtering if you are using MAC. Put the MAC Address of the system in the allowed list if the MAC filter is enabled. Disable the MAC Filtering if it is preventing you to put the address in the allowed list.

Method 6: Disable Firewall

Probably you know sometimes firewall blocks you from accessing the internet. So you have to try disabling the Firewall. In the settings, you can also make an extension. If this does not fix the issue, follow the next procedure.

Method 7: Manually Set up the DNS and the IP Address

If Wii wants to connect using Dynamic IP Address, it will not succeed. So, change or set up the IP Address and DNS manually. Here are the steps for that.


  • Get into the Wii menu and choose System Settings.
  • Choose ‘Internet’ using the left stick and press A.
  • Click on Connect to the Internet.
  • Click X or tap Connection that you are going to find on the top right corner.
  • Choose the Internet connection that you will use.
  • Select Change Settings.
  • Put an arrow on the right box of it and choose IP Address.
  • Click on Don’t Auto-Obtain and put the following information. Make sure you put “.” in between.
  1. Click on the IP Address and put your IP Address there. Do not forget to add 10 to the last number of your PC’s IP Address. For example, if the IP Address of your PC is, you have to type into the Wii.
  2. Choose Subnet Mask and get into it, when you will see it in the network settings. Most probably it is
  3. Now get into the Gateway clicking on it, when you will see it in the network settings.
  • Choose Confirm.
  • You will see a message on the screen of your device, asking to configure the DNS settings. Choose Configure.
  • Click on Don’t Auto-Obtain and put this information there. Make sure you are putting “.” in between.
  1. Click on Primary DNS and get into, select OK.
  2. Choose Secondary DNS and get into, click OK.
  • Select Confirm.
  • Click the B button or choose Save when it is done.
  • Click Save again.
  • Choose ‘Connection Test’ to test your connection.
  • Click on OK when the connection test is successfully done.


These solutions are tried and tested and you can utilize these to fix the Wii errors that were bothering you. And you will be able to access the console.