A Complete Guide For Asus rt-n66u Setup

A Complete Guide For Asus rt-n66u Setup

March 2, 2019 ROUTER 0

Asus RT-N66U is a new release of Asus routers which offers high WAN to LAN throughputs, support dual-band wireless network along with the two USB ports for external hard drives, IPv6 support, QoS controls, Dynamic DNS, Sample file sharing and all the other latest Wifi features which you will not get from other wifi brands at the same price range. Asus rt-n66u setup is well known among the Asus fans by the name of Dark Knight because of its stylish black diamond design.

The process of setting up a router vary from model to model which can be a little bit difficult for peoples who are not too much tech savvy. That’s why we are here to provide you a complete guide to set -up your new Asus router rt-n66u without any further problem.

Complete Setup Guide for Asus rt-n66u Setup

Setting up a router is simple but a long process. Making a single mistake in the procedure can force you to start the whole setup from scratch. That’s why please follow the below steps carefully to avoid making any blunder in the process of Asus rt-n66u setup:


Connecting devices with cable

At first, you have to attach all the three antennas with the main body of the router using screws. These antennas will boost the range throughout your premises. Next, plug the AC adapter into the router and power source. After that, you have to connect the router with an internet device (DSL modem, fiber optic box, and cable modem). Make sure you that the one side of the internet cable is connected to the out port of the internet device and the other side with the blue ethernet port of the router.

Open the Router Setup Page

After connecting the router with a power source and internet connection, you have to connect the wifi with your computer. Then, open the router setup page with the help of the web browser. To open the setup page, you have to type into the address bar of the browser and press Enter button.

Setup Administrator Username and Password

After hitting the Enter button, you will see an Asus router setup page where you will be asked to complete the Quick Internet setup. Here, the first thing you have to do is create an administrator’s username and password. This two info of the administrator is very vital for the user because without an administrator’s username and password no one can make changes in your router setting. So, make sure you choose a unique username and strong password for your device. After this process, your router is going to detect the internet connection type. So, patiently wait for a few minutes and do not try to run another program during the waiting period.

SSID Setup

When your router successfully detect the network type the next thing you have to do is set up an SSID to identify your network from other pc and mobile devices. You will get an option to set a separate name and password for the 2.4GHz network and 5GHz network. So, you can choose to set different or same name and password for both of them.

For your knowledge, we want to inform you that 5GHz network is a fast connection which works in a smaller range and very much sensitive with the interference like brick walls. So, we will recommend choosing this network for streaming high definition content and gaming with the friend. Where 2.4 GHz network provides wider range but internet speed is average which is enough for general Web browsing. Hence, choose the network carefully.

Re-Enter in the Asus Router Setup Page

After creating a name for the set up you have to exit the page and reconnect with the same network. Then, again enter the Router access page with the new username and password you created in the Setup Administrator Username and Password section. Once the page opens you will get a completely different user interface with lot more new option. From the new window click on the Administration option from the left side panel and then choose the Firmware Update tab.

Firmware Version Update

Now, you have to look for the latest firmware version for your router by clicking on the Check button. You will find the option beside the Firmware Version. Clicking on the button will connect your router with the Asus website to look for an upgrade. After a few minutes, you will eventually get a pop-up window. Here you will be asked to whether you want to update your firmware or cancel it. Press Yes or Ok (depending on the OS) to start the download process. After downloading and installing the new firmware a message will be displayed:  The router will reboot after completing the installation”. Rebooting takes few moments so press the power button to turn off the router. Then, press the power button once again to restart the router.

After the restart process, your router will be completely ready to use and you will be able to enjoy the amazing latest features of Asus rt-n66u wireless router.

Wrapping Up

We hope our method able to completely guide you to resolve the problem of how to setup Asus rt-n66u. We try our best to make the article as simple as possible so that our reader can easily understand it. But if you still getting difficulties during the setup then it will be best for you to seek help from the Asus Customer Support. You can also take the help of your friends who are using the same device in their home.

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