Know How To Optimize Router In Minutes

Know How To Optimize Router In Minutes

February 10, 2019 ROUTER 0

In this ever-growing world of digitalization, internet and WiFi usage is a commonplace. So it goes without saying that you must take proper care towards the optimization of your routers. Because quite naturally,  if you want to derive the best of WiFi connections and boost its overall performance, then you need to adopt proper measures for the overall optimization of your routers. Therefore, from this article, you can learn how to optimize router.

However, before we move on to discuss the process of router optimization, let us first look into the reasons why you need to optimize your routers.

Reasons For Router Optimization

In this section, we are going to discuss the reasons for the router optimization. And, these are:

  • To reduce the lag in online games.
  • Router optimization is indeed required to boost the overall system performance.
  • Further, the features, such as video chats and online games would not function properly unless you have effectively optimized your router.
  • By means optimizing the router settings, you can enhance the speed of the internet. Thus, you won’t have to wait for a prolonged hour in order to download files and other videos on the internet.

Therefore,  considering, the immense importance of optimizing your routers, you must know ways you can optimize your router. However,  in case, you are facing router issues and not thoroughly conversant with the measures to optimize it, fear not. In this article, we have offered effective ways in which you can optimize your router.

Know How To Optimize Router At Ease

So, because it is clear from the above discussion that router optimization is important, it is quite evident that it requires one to take proper measures in order to ensure the same. However, if you are not that tech-savvy, you might not be much aware of the procedures to go about. On this note, you must remember that if your router is not functioning properly, it can be due to multiple reasons. Therefore, you must consider all those factors to ensure effective router optimization.

In this section, we offer you a through guideline stating the easiest strategies for optimal router settings.

Ensure That Your Router Is Properly Set Up

In order to optimize your router’s settings, you must make sure that your router’s setup is appropriately done. Therefore, for effective router optimization, you must locate your temporary username as well as password along with the IP address of your router. In case you fail to locate them, worry not. You can use the commonly used IP address as well as the default password and username.

Now, by means of these details, you will be able to access your router’s Management Console. You can reset the router configuration. And, in case you run into any network intervention issues through other wireless devices, you can try out other channels.

Try Creating A New And Strong Password

This is essentially important, you must not stick to the default password for very long. You should rather change your default password at the earliest and create a new and strong password to administer your account. And not just that, also you must make sure that you don’t lose or misplace your password by any chance. Therefore, for safety purpose, keep your password safely in store with you, just in case you need it in the future.

Also, make sure that encryption is the strongest. In this light, we recommend you to settle for WPA2-PSK AES or else WPA2 in case you have that option available to you. Your password should be pretty long. And it is definitely better if you can manage to create a combined password comprising of numerical as well as characters. Remember, the more random your password is, the harder it is to hack.

Always Ensure That The WiFi Access Is Duly Protected

After you have reset your password, you might try renaming the wireless network. Or, you can also consider switching off the SSID broadcast feature of your router. Essentially speaking, if you wish to rename the router,  it can prove immensely helpful to you, provided you have the provision of numerous networks in close proximity. This is because, under such cases, you can identify your networks quite easily if you wish to.

Once turn off the broadcast, your networks wouldn’t show on other wireless devices. Protecting your WiFi access makes the network less random by screening it from the public view. This means that nobody can break into your network easily. If you can access the network, you need to connect to it manually. In order to protect your WiFi network, you can simply switch on the WiFi Protected Setup or WPS.

Ensure An Appropriate Placement For Your Router

In order to ensure optimized home network coverage, it is essentially important that your router’s placement is appropriate. You must not keep your router at a distance from your device. This is because too long distance often creates network issues and affects your router’s performance adversely.

Instead, you should always place your router device at the center, keeping it close to a room from where you can avail the services. Also, you must not place your router near metal objects or any material that strongly absorbs radio frequencies. You must not place the routers in the basement of the house.

Try Avoiding WiFi Repeaters

The above-mentioned tips must have helped you know a lot about how to optimize router. However, we are not done yet. If the strategies of router optimization mentioned above prove ineffective, you might as well try this one out too. You can try avoiding WiFi repeaters. So, because the WiFi technology is half-duplex, it cannot receive or even transmit at the same time. Thus, in case you repeat WiFi signals, it affects the performance of the WiFi adversely, reducing its potential capabilities to less than half.

Therefore, rather than using WiFi repeaters, it is better if you try expanding the network coverage. You can easily do this by means of installing a secondary router or by simply adding on to the Access Points.

Avoid Availing Advanced Features

Often features, such as Advanced Farewell or Content Filter often proves to be extremely weighty and taxing on the Central Processing Unit. Especially in case of the routers with lower capabilities. Therefore, when you install other advanced features, make sure you conduct a thorough performance test. You must see that the advanced features you install do not affect the performance of your router detrimentally. Besides, features of QOS/prioritization also leads to the deterioration of your router’s performance.

Ending Notes

Therefore, if you are still looking for the best measures to undertake in order to optimize router settings, you can definitely take recourse to the guidelines stated above. The fire-sure strategies we just recommended will serve your purpose effectively.

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