Router Keeps Dropping Internet | Get Stable WiFi Using These Technical Hacks

Router Keeps Dropping Internet | Get Stable WiFi Using These Technical Hacks

February 2, 2019 ROUTER 0

Whenever the internet connectivity vanishes even after your router works perfectly, it can be an annoying issue. Sometimes, you won’t even understand the underlying reason why the router keeps dropping internet. However, there are certain symptoms that can tell you the cause of online disconnection. There can be coverage issue with the WiFi network or some other factors.

Also, there can be hardware or software problem with the router, which can drop the connection. So, in this article, you can gain some useful information on why this error shows up in routers. Also, you can go through the technical solutions discussed in this article to resolve an unstable internet problem. So, let’s start with the possible causes of connection loss on the router.

Reasons Why Your Router Keeps Dropping Internet Even After Establishing The WiFi Connection

Dropping wireless connection of the router is quite a common issue for most online users. So, before you try the solutions to fix this issue, you should know about the router problem. If your device is perfectly fine, then there has to be a solid reason behind the router keeps dropping wireless connection. Hence, let’s cover a few factors that can be responsible for WiFi disconnection on routers.

Weak Signal Strength

This is one of the most common reasons why your router is disconnecting from the internet. Hence, if the signal is not strong or having enough coverage in your locality, it can cause dropping of WiFi signal.

Improper MTU Size For Network

Sometimes, if the user fails to determine the accurate size for Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU), this issue can occur. This MTU size indicates the maximum packet capacity that is permissible for transmitting via the internet. So, if you don’t specify this parameter correctly, the router may drop wireless connection frequently.

Interference From Nearby Devices

Often, the router keeps dropping internet, if it experiences any frequency interference from WiFi devices nearest to it. Many times, customers fail to recognize that their router’s frequency can be set the same as their neighbors. This is why the internet connection can drop unexpectedly for some users.

Hence, if you are using the 2.4GHz frequency band on your router, you need to make sure the local devices are using 5GHz. Otherwise, the router can drop the internet connection without even generating any warning notification.

Physical Blockages

Your routing device can disconnect from the internet if there serious obstructions on its path. So, the connectivity tends to the best within your PC’s line of sight and gradually decreases on other locations. Hence, if there are items like too many furniture or walls, between your router and computer, it can lead to wireless disconnection.

Router & Adapter Issues

Customers often find out that router keeps losing connection due to mismatched settings between adapter and router. As there are a different set of routers and adapters available in the market, you should select the accurate pair. For example, if you are using a Wireless-N router and pairing it with Wireless-G adapter, it can cause the WiFi signal dropping.

Outdated Router Driver

Another reason behind router keeps dropping WiFi can be not updating your router firmware for too long. Hence, if you fail to install the latest updates on your system and for the network driver, it can lead to switching off the internet.

Apply These Methods When Router Loses Connection On Your PC

Whenever you experience the problem of the router keeps dropping the internet, you can try these following fixes.

Reset Router After Power Cycling

You must try this solution mostly when the router loses WiFi due to sudden power outages. Hence, the first thing you should do after experiencing power interruptions is to power cycle your router.

In order to do this, switch it off and remove the power adapter connected to the routing device. Now, let 10-20 seconds to pass by and replug the device and turn on the power supply and adapter. In case, the internet still keeps disconnecting, reset your router by pressing and holding the ‘Reset’ tab for nearly 10-15 seconds.  After this, you might have to reconfigure the device by following instructions on consulting a router technician.

Reflash Router Firmware

Another effective method to fix wireless disconnection problems in the router is to upgrade its firmware. So, if you are facing the loss of connectivity after a power failure, it can corrupt the router’s firmware. Hence, for resolving this error, you can search for the latest firmware for the router. However, if you are already having the recent firmware version, you will have to re-flash the program.

For reflashing your router, you must download the exact firmware for the specific device model. Now, plug in your router and switch it on and do the hardware setup by connecting the appropriate port to the PC. After this, install the firmware and open the router’s online setup page using a different Ethernet or WiFi connection.

You will have to type the username and password for your router and configure the settings to reflash it.

Change Router’s Location

If you don’t find any technical issue behind the router dropping connection without any prior warning, try to change its placement. So, keep your PC within the line of sight from the router and get rid of unnecessary obstructions.

In case your router keeps dropping internet after trying the above solutions, you can consult a networking expert. They may suggest some effective solutions to retain a stable internet connection using the router.

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