How To Change Router Mac Address: An Informative User Guide

How To Change Router Mac Address: An Informative User Guide

March 3, 2019 ROUTER 0

The method adopted to change router Mac address always depends on the network involved in that process. Majority of the network operating systems are built with utility programs that help you to modify the Mac address settings. You will get some ISP using which you can register the Mac address of the computer when you are dialing the internet for the first time using the modem. If you incorporate a new router into the network in order to share a particular connection, the modem has the provision to register the Mac address of the computer. Henceforth, this article will give you an informative guideline to modify the router mac address. Just go through the article carefully and implement the procedures described here properly to change router Mac address.

Troubleshooting Steps to Change Mac Address of the Router:


Please follow the below troubleshooting steps to change router Mac address:

  1. First of all, you need to detach from the router. Then you need to connect the computer to the modem in order to dial it up. Please do ensure that the computer has proper internet connection within the modem.
  2. You need to detach the computer from the modem. Proceed further by connecting the modem to the WAN/Internet port of the router. Then, you have to link the computer to the LAN/Ethernet port of the router.
  3. Just open the browser. Then, type the following in the address bar or http://192.168.01. Then, click on OK.

  1. Enter the username and password in the login page. It should be of an admin.
  2. Click on Network. Then, press Mac Online on the left side.
  3. After that, press Clone Mac Address with the intent of cloning PC’s Mac address to WAN Mac Address of the router.
  4. Finally, press on Save option.

Prominent Solutions on How You Can Change Router Mac Address:


Almost all internet subscriptions permit customers who are having a single IP address. The Internet Service Provider will provide you a static fixed IP address for every customer. Although, this approach may be considered as the inefficient use of IP address which has a shortage of supply. The most common issues which users face nowadays are the dynamic IP address that might alter every time the customer connects to the internet. It ensures that the customer gets only one dynamic address with multiple methods. The device used for controlling Mac address using ISP can be a modem, a broadband router, a PC that establishes the internet connection. The customer is free to develop a network, but the ISP wants the MAC address to be in line with the registered values.

When a customer alters the network adapter, the MAC address of this new equipment will not coincide with the previously registered one at the ISP. The ISP can cancel the customer’s internet connection for the security as well as billing purposes.

How to Change Mac Address on Router Through Cloning


Some people call ISP in order to get an update of the MAC address. This process is time-consuming. Moreover, there will be no internet service at that point and you need to wait for the service provider to take proper action. An effective methodology to combat this issue is to change router Mac address on the new device in order to sync the original device address. When a physical address cannot be modified in hardware, the address can be imitated in the software. This method is called cloning. Most of the broadband routers support MAC address cloning as an enhanced option to perform correct configuration. The exact process of cloning changes on the basis of the router.

Change Mac Address Using Cable Modems


Apart from certain ISP providers, there are some broadband modems that change router Mac address of the host computer’s network adapter within the home network coverage. If you alter the network adapter, your cable connection may not work properly. In this scenario, you can ignore the MAC address. Reset of the cable modem, as well as the host computer, can change router Mac address kept inside the modem.

Change of Mac Address Using Operating System

This process is not applicable for network cards since it is dependent on a certain level of software built within the driver adapter. In some operating systems, ipconfig supports modification of Mac addresses if the network card and the driver’s support services are present.

Final Remark

Mac address undoubtedly plays an important role in computer networking. It makes a computer compatible with the LAN. Henceforth, this article will give you a thorough idea pertaining to change router Mac address. By following the above steps, you can easily change the mac address of any device. Moreover, you can also refer to the manufacturer’s user manual for any sort of urgent issues.

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