Learn How to Configure Netgear Router For Secure Network Connection

Learn How to Configure Netgear Router For Secure Network Connection

March 4, 2019 ROUTER 0

Netgear is the most popular brand of routers used by a large number of people. Its users always give positive compliments on its performance towards accessing the internet connection. Moreover, there are a huge number of Netgear router models available in the market. After selecting the model of your choice, which suits all your home or office requirements, you may look for the configure Netgear router process. By configuring your router properly, you can make your network connection secure from the hackers. The configuring process is also useful in protecting your child to visit the wrong contents, which are available on the internet.


To increase the productivity of your company, blocking some sites is also very essential. It will make the employees bound to concentrate on their works. Hence, from this article, you will learn the complete methods to configure the Netgear wireless router seamlessly.

Basic Steps on How to Configure Netgear Wireless Network:

The methods to configure a Netgear router is very simple, you can learn the steps from this article. But before proceeding to the further steps, at first, check all these below arrangements. All these are the essential factors which you need to confirm, to begin the configure Netgear router process.

  • Confirm all the wires are placed properly according to the manual which comes along with the router.
  • The computer device must be located near to it. So, that no fluctuations of the signal can happen.
  • It is also recommended to place the router in a protected location so that no disturbance can take place.

After confirming all these above factors now, you can check the below steps to begin the configuration steps of the Netgear router.

Step One: Launch the Login Page of the Netgear Router


To begin with, at first, you need to know the IP address of your router. You can check the routers guide book to know it. You can also allow these below steps to get your router’s IP address manually. As you know it (your router’s IP), place it on the address bar of a browser of your choice. After that, hit on Enter button, this will open the Login page of the Netgear router.

Instructions to Follow to Know Your Netgear IP:


First of all, press the Windows and the key R at the same time to open the Run bar window. Now. tap once on the Backspace key, to ensure no remaining of the previous command. Then, type cmd on it and hit the Enter button. After doing this, you will visit a black background window gets open with a blinking cursor, over here type ipconfig. Now, hit the Enter button, this will appear some important information, among which navigate to the Default Gateway section. The digits along with the dots beside to the Default Gateway is the IP address of your router which is required to open the login page of Netgear. is an example of a router’s IP address.

Step Two: Log in to Your Netgear  Account


At the top section of the Netgear login page, you will get two blank spaces for the Username and Password respectively. Place the proper details in these locations, to log in to your Netgear account. The default username and password for the Netgear manufactured routers are as follows.


Username: admin

Password: password.


However, if you have changed these (username and password) details earlier, then type those instead. In case, you forgot these details as well and not able to login to your Netgear account. Then, proceed for the Reset process, this will cancel all the settings which you have made earlier. By applying the reset process, you will be able to use the default details to log in to your Netgear account.

After filling up the spaces of the username and password, click on the login option. That’s all, to get into your Netgear account. Now, you are totally eligible to proceed for the process to configure the Netgear router of your desire. Below are some of the common configuring methods of the Netgear router.

How To Configure Netgear Router?


The process to configure Netgear router is not that hard as you think, but a little knowledge of it is very important to do it easily. So, check out these below instructions to learn the common configuration process of a Netgear router efficiently.

Changing the Password of the Netgear Router


Keep changing the password of a router as this is very important to make it secure from the hackers. The steps for doing this are as follows.

1: Log in to your Netgear account. The process to do this is already explained in the above parts of this article.

2: Now, from the Netgear Home page, go to Advanced.

3: Then, navigate to Administration and click on Set Password.

4: After that, from the right-hand side panel of this window, you will get the different sections to fill.

Enter the old password of your router in the provided space. Then, enter the password which you want to set and repeat it (new password), to confirm. Do not forget to click on the checkbox beside to Enable Password Recovery, this will help further to recover it. Then, click on Apply, to save this change.

Enabling Steps of Parental Control


This is the activity,  applying which you can restrict the wrong contents to open through your Netgear network. It is very simple to perform, continue these below lines to learn it.

From your Netgear account page, click on the Parental Control section from this left-hand side panel. This will pop-up the Parental Control window, click on Next, to get the “Setting up Live Parental Controls” section. After getting it, select your choice accordingly and click on Next. Complete the OpenDNS account settings to enable Parental Control activity for your Netgear router.

These are the overall methods you need to apply to perform the configure Netgear router process. If you find any difficulty or still failing to configure your Netgear router, then you can avail expert’s assistance for configuring your Netgear router hassle-free.

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