Know All The Facts About LAN Port On Router

Know All The Facts About LAN Port On Router

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There are various kinds of techniques such as LAN, WAN, broadband, Wi-Fi, CAT5e etc. that we use for the purpose of home networking. If you need to access the internet, then you must connect your computer to a router through an internet port such as LAN or WAN. If you are having trouble in connecting your device to the internet port of your router, then follow this post carefully. Here, in this post, we are going to discuss all the aspects of accessing the LAN port on router. Go through the article in its entirety to know about it in a much detailed way.

What is a LAN Port?

If you are using any wireless router, then you will come across the abbreviations LAN and WAN frequently. LAN is mainly used for household or official purpose. If you are using any router at your home, then you will find it is the LAN that you are using. Usually, there are four LAN ports available on a router. If you want to create a larger network with the LAN port on router, then you will need to opt for a switch or a hub, which can add some extra LAN ports to the router. Commonly, a home router can be connected with about 250 networking devices. So, if you try to access it in a vast networking area of homes and offices or even in the small businesses, then you don’t need to worry at all.


Determine the Speed of a LAN

The speed that is measured for LAN ports is Ethernet, which is also known as Fast Ethernet. This caps at 100 megabits per second or about 13 megabytes per seconds. If you are using the Gigabit Ethernet then, you can cap at 1 gigabit per second or about 150 MBps. Which means it takes about a minute to convey a CD’s worth of data which is around 700 MB or about 250 digital songs, with the cooperation of the LAN connection.

If you are using Gigabit Ethernet, then the same task may take about five seconds. If you are connected within a vast networking area, then the normal speed of an Ethernet connection is about 8 MBps. Whereas, if it is a Gigabit Ethernet connection, then this is around 100 MBps. The speed of a network connection depends on many factors, such as the end devices being used, the status of the cable and the volume of traffic.

What is a Router?

The router is the central device of a home network. You have to plug it with one end of a network cable and the other end is connected with the networking port. If you want to connect many network devices with your router, then you need to connect more wires and add more ports to your router. To connect many networking devices you need to connect to the LAN. You may also know it as the Local Area Network ports. The LAN ports are also known as the RJ45 ports or the Ethernet ports. Using the LAN ports, you will be able to connect your computer to a wired network. The devices which are connected with RJ45 ports are named as the Ethernet-ready devices.


How to Add LAN Ports to a Router?

In the previous section, we have discussed what is a LAN port on a Router. Now, this is the time to discuss how to add LAN ports to a router. Go through the steps which are mentioned below to know the steps.


Step 1: Obtain a switch

First, you have to be sure that, the switch which you are obtaining consists of more ports than your router already has. After that, you have to be sure that, the switch is able to transfer data at least as fast as your router. For example, if you hold a 100 Mbps router, you need a switch which is capable of at least 100 Mbps speed. You have to keep in your mind, that a slower router may slow down your network.


Step 2: Switch the AC adapter

Now, you have to search for a free electrical outlet near your router, and then, plug it in the switch with the help of the AC adapter which comes with it.


Step 3: Connect the Switch with your Router

After completing the above step, you have to adopt a LAN port which is connected with one of the ports from your router. Next, connect it to the switch. Some of the switches have the capability to operate a special port (known as the uplink port) to connect it with your router. The switches have an electronic uplink ability that will allow you to connect any of the possible ports on the switch.


Step 4: Plug in your Devices into the Switch

Using LAN cables, connect your devices to the ports of the switch. Make sure that the switch is connected to your router. Now, you will be able to connect your device with an internet connection.


If you own a switch which provides a quicker speed than your router, then the devices which are connected to it has the capacity to convey data with each other which is much easier than to transfer data from the internet.

So, this was all about the details on LAN port on Router. Hope our article has answered your question:  what is LAN port on a router? If you need more information regarding this topic, then you can drop a message in our comment section.

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