Linksys Smart WiFi Router Setup: A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

Linksys Smart WiFi Router Setup: A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

March 4, 2019 ROUTER 0

Linksys has been manufacturing smart devices for years. However, Linksys smart WiFi is the most popular among them. And the process of setup this device is very simple. If you have little or no idea about this process, then you can follow this article. This article explains the complete steps to perform the Linksys smart WiFi router setup.

To get a better networking experience, Linksys smart WiFi router will be the best choice. And to enjoy the experience, setting up the router is the foremost task to perform. Check out the steps provided in this article to set up your Linksys smart WiFi router correctly.

How to Setup Linksys Smart WiFi Router?

The process of setting up the Linksys smart Wifi router is very simple. And you should be able to perform this just by going through the complete instructions as explained below.

One: Assemble All the Parts of the Linksys Router

In general, smart WiFi routers come with external antennas. And if you find it, then at first, connect those antennas properly to the router. Then, connect the power plug of the router to a switchboard and enable it. If there is any power button on the router then, ensure that it is set in “ON” position. Keep patience until the power LED becomes stable. Next, join the router device with a modem via an Ethernet cable.

Two: Keep your Computer Within the Range of the Router

Now, check every credential either from the stickers of the router’s body or from the Quick Start Guide, to prevent any error during the setup procedure. And it is always recommended to place the computer near the location of the router installation. For the Linksys smart WiFi router setup process it is essential that the router and the computer are kept close to each other. If you are using a wireless device then this is a vital step that you need to follow.

Three: Enter the IP Address of your Router on a Browser

As both of the systems, i.e., the router and the computer turns on, launch a browser and on the address bar of it place the IP address of your router. To know the IP address of your router, check the guidebook that comes with it. And if you don’t want to open the guidebook, then follow the method as given below to get your router’s IP address manually.

At first, press the four flag Windows key. This is to activate the search bar. Next, type cmd on it and hit the Enter button. This will open a black screen window, which is termed as the Command Prompt window. Here, on this (Command Prompt) window, type ‘ipconfig’ and hit the Enter button. After doing this, you will find that a bunch of messages appears on this Command Prompt window.


Navigate to the Default Gateway section from here, and note down the number along with the dots which is present beside it. This is the IP address which is required to continue with the Linksys Smart WiFi router setup process.

As said earlier, place this router IP on the address bar of your browser and press the Enter button. This will open the Linksys smart WiFi setup window. is an example of an IP address of a router. Find yours by following the above method.

Four: Start with the Manual Configuration Process

After you visit the Linksys smart WIFi setup page, click on the checkbox beside to “I have read and accepted the License Terms for using this software” to activate. After that, click on Next to continue. If you like to proceed to the setup process manually rather than with the help of Smart Setup Wizard then these are the steps which you need to follow.

On the next page that opens, you will find the “Manual Configuration” link at the bottom portion. Click on it. In some router models, you will find a checkbox beside to “I want to skip Setup and configure my router manually” instead. If such is the case, then activate the checkbox and click on Next.


  • On pressing on the Enter button, after placing the router IP on the browser’s address bar, if you do not see the Smart setup screen, then press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. Now, wait until the power button gets stable. Next, switch off the router and then turn it back ON. Now, as the router light gets stable, try to continue from step “Three”.
  • During starting the Linksys smart WiFi router setup process if you see the message “Your Internet cable is not connected correctly,” then, check all the instructions which you view on this error screen and then click on Next to continue.

Five: Enter the Necessary Information (for Digital Subscriber Line users)

For DSL users, the setup will open the PPPoE window with the spaces for the Account name and Password. After filling up all these (Account name and Password) details, click on Next.

Six: Select your Choice for Updates

Now, activate the “Install future router updates automatically (recommended)” checkbox from this “Updates for your router” screen. You can also keep it unchecked. And then tap on Next to proceed with the installation.

Note: If you keep the “Install future router updates automatically (recommended)” message inactive, then you have the option to turn it on later.

Seven: Personalize your Network

Here, on this Personalize your network window, you need to fill up the Network Name and Network Password fields. After filling up these fields with appropriate details, click on Next. Here, you can customize the settings for different Network bands. And, if you wish to use the same details for both the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz then tick the “Make all network names the same” box.

And in case, if you are using a wireless computer then you will get a message to Reconnect to your network. Then, connect your wireless computer by providing the details which you have just made by following this above instruction. After that, fill up with the password in the Create a router password field and click on Next. Here, you will also find a field to Add a password hint. This option is for helping you to remember the password in the future.

Eight: Click on Next to Complete the Linksys Smart WiFi Router Setup

After following all the above instructions, you will see a message reading “Your router is setup!” appear on your computer screen. Then, confirm that you write down the new settings in the space which is left for future reference. After that, click on the Next box to complete the Linksys smart WiFi router setup process.

These are the eight simple steps which you need to follow to complete the Linksys smart WiFi router setup process.

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