Setup Netgear Router As A Repeater: Know the Most Effective Steps

Setup Netgear Router As A Repeater: Know the Most Effective Steps

March 4, 2019 ROUTER 0

Setting up a router as a repeater, allows users to extend the signal which comes from the router. To expand the range of their network, many people use a router as a repeater as well. It also helps to improve the signal intensity and connect all the devices outside the range of the Netgear router. The main benefit of using a repeater to the wireless network is that you can avoid adding the additional cabling to expand its range.

If you are staying in a large area with a single Wi-Fi network, then you may use a second router to avoid any error. Now follow the given below steps which will surely help you to set up Netgear router as a repeater. Besides, this step will also help you to increase the router signal as well.

Know Everything About How to Setup Netgear Router as a Repeater

Though there are several methods which can help you in the setup procedure, here we have provided you with some easy steps so that you can use your Netgear router as a repeater within very less time. So, to do that you can follow the methods which are given below.

However, these methods may not work in the old routers, still, you can recycle your old Netgear router and try out this procedure to set up.

Find your Router’s IP Address

Before going to the more complicated process, at first, you have to gather some information about your Netgear router. Therefore we suggest you, check your channel along with the security type. So that, you can proceed to the Control Panel and click on the Network option.

In case you are a Windows XP user then you have to click on the Network Connection option. Only after that, you can proceed to check the status button. Then, you have to find the ‘Support’ option and within that, you can see your Netgear router setup.

If you are a Windows 7, 8, 10 Operating System users, then at first you have to go to the Network and Sharing section. Post that, click on the ‘Change Adapter Settings’ button and then go to the Status part. From there check all the information related to your Netgear router.

The next window will direct you to your system’s IP address. Note down all the information which you get from there and then move to the next procedure.

Connect your Netgear Router

In this step, you have to open your internet browser and enter the IP address of your Netgear router. This IP address may be varied with a different router. For example, the IP address for the Netgear router is While the Linksys routers use Next, hit the Enter button and in the next window, you will move to the home page of your Netgear router. You have to give the username and password in the required field and then tap on the login button. After that move to the next process.

Check the WiFi Settings

Once you have successfully connected your Netgear router properly,  then you need to check the WiFi settings. In the settings, you will get a customized set of your own. Keep in mind that you don’t need to reconfigure your Netgear router. What you need to do is just look at the settings. So that you can get all the required information and go to the next step.

Reset your Netgear Router to the Factory Settings

To set up your router as a repeater, you have to also reset your Netgear router to the factory configuration. So, look for a tiny hole at the backside of your router to reset your Netgear router. After that move to the next step.

Reconfigure your Second Router

Now you should configure your second router and for that, you have to plug the network cable to the router device. Next, you should turn off your primary router for a while for setting up the second router. Lastly, move to the configuration part.

Copy the Settings

Next, we recommended you to again move to the WiFi settings page and enable the wireless connection. With this, you can also change your network name.  After that, you need to match your security type for the password that you are using on the primary router.

Set a Fixed IP Address

In this case, run the secondary router along with your primary router with the same IP address. This helps your primary Netgear router to recognize the IP address and contact with the secondary router.

After that, you can go to the setup page and implement the second router with the same IP   that you have given to the primary router. Then, you should check the secondary router to broadcast the IP addresses to the other devices.

Thereafter you need to disable the DHCP process, and for that, you have to uncheck the DHCP option. Now, you can establish an IP address of your secondary router. Next, go to the configuration page. There save all the changes that you made. Click on the Save option and go to the next step.

After going through these above steps you can connect all your devices together. You can use a single network cable to connect this two router.

Therefore after applying all these steps you can quickly setup Netgear router as a repeater on your own. Although, we suggest that if you don’t have depth technical knowledge, then the best way for you to take expert help and follow their instructions.

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