Know the Simple and Easy Tricks to Reset Asus Router in No Time

Know the Simple and Easy Tricks to Reset Asus Router in No Time

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In this fast-pacing world of digital advancements, modems and routers are very much in use.  The good part of these modern routers is that most of these routers have a button for resetting the router. However, despite the fact that the Asus routers also have a reset button, you might as well run into some complications. At times, many users often get confused because they are unable to make out the difference between restarting and resetting. Although these two terms look too close, both of these are undoubtedly distinct and different. While rebooting or restarting a router simply involves turning on the power, resetting a router is completely different. Resetting a router generally involves all the previous configurations that you have made. Also note that, when you reset your router, it reverts the router back to its factory settings. Thus, in this article, we shall discuss the procedure to reset the Asus router.

Problems Related to Factory Reset Asus Router:

Since routers and modems are much in use these days, it is important that you are thoroughly conversant with the technicalities of using it. However, if you are not a tech-savvy person, you might find the process of resetting an Asus router quite complicated. Many users are not much aware of the consequent problems that one normally runs into after the factory reset has been made. Thus, before going into the detailed discussion of the procedures to reset Asus router, under this section, we are going to shed some light on some of the common issues or glitches that you might come across in the course of resetting a router. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to consider the problems with seriousness before deciding in favor of resetting a router.

  • After you factory reset Asus router, your router’s username and password would revert back to the factory settings by default
  • Besides, all the essential WiFi information including your WiFi password, authentication procedures as well as SSID details can get erased.
  • Most of all, resetting your router is going to remove all the previous configurations that you must have made so far.

Thus, before you consider resetting your Asus router, it is important that you consider these problems thoroughly.

Despite all problems, if you still wish to reset your Asus router and looking for effective guidelines for the procedure, then this article is just for you. In this article, we are going to guide you through the most simple and effective methods in which you can factory reset Asus router

Know How To Reset Asus Router in Minutes:


While using routers and modems, you might at times come to a situation where you need to reset the Asus router. But what if you are not thoroughly conversant with the process of resetting tour Asus Router? Relax, if such is your problem, we are there to help you thoroughly. Simply follow the instructions given below to know how to reset the Asus router to factory settings.

Procedure 1: Press the Reset Button, While Your Router is Turned On

This is the first and foremost step for you to follow. In order to reset your router, you need to long press the reset button for at least around 10-15seconds. The moment you do this, the power indicator will light up. Please note that at the time of resetting the router, the power icon, the internet connection, 5GHz.and  2.4GHz should be on.

Procedure 2: Secure the Connection of Your Device With Asus and Turn On the Network


This is the second step for you to follow. You must not forget to connect your router to the device, you need to get it connected to the network. Once you secure the connection, you will be automatically directed to the Router Setup Page.

Once you reach out to the Router Setup Page, you should make use of a username as well as a password. In this case, by default username as well as password is “Admin”. You need to put in this username and password if the device prompts you to log in. Once you are done, simply tap on the Go icon. You will find the Go button right at the bottom of the page.

Procedure 3: Set the New Password


This is the third step to reset the Asus router. Once you have accessed the reset more router page, you have to create a new and strong password. Actually, you will be prompted to set up a new administrator password. You may use your default password as well.

However, in case, you wish to create and reset your own password, you can also do that pretty well. Only you should remember your password thoroughly and in case, you forget it, it will require you to reset your password all over again. Therefore, when you create your own password, don’t forget to note it down separately so that you do not forget. Well, after you have set your password, you should press on the Next button in order to continue with the action.

Procedure 4: Set Up a Fresh Wireless Setting


In order to do this, you simply need to reach out to the Wireless Setting Page. Once you reach out to the page, now you will need in the name of the network ( SSID) a well as well the password, which you wish to for both well as the 2.4Ghz routers. Please ensure that even when you are using similar names for both, the names should not be entirely the same. However, the password you use against the network may be quite the same.

Once you are through with the settings, you will receive an instant notification. A notification message intimating that you have modified your Security Setting or SSID code. On successful completion of the entire process, you simply need to adjust your connection for wireless setting properly.

Procedure 5: Secure the Connection of Your Router Device to Your Fresh Network


In order to secure the connection of your router device to the fresh network, you just need to press on the wireless icon. The moment you do this, you will get connected to the fresh wireless network connection. Now, after you are successfully connected to your fresh wireless connection, accessing the internet will get much easier for you.

Therefore, if you are wondering how to reset the Asus router to factory setting, then the effective workarounds that we suggested above should be feasible enough for you. At the same time, we assure you that the that the procedures we offered are not at all difficult for you to follow up with.


If you are a regular user of Asus routers, then you might have run into network complications or other problems that have occasioned the need for reset Asus Router. This requires the resetting of your Asus router time and again. This is a common malady with Asus routers. Furthermore, to know how to reset the Asus router, follow this article. In this article, we have tried to address such concerns. Therefore, if you are facing regular problems on your router,  fear not. You can now resolve such glitches by simply resetting your Asus Router.

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