A Comprehensive Guide on How to Update D-Link Router Firmware

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Update D-Link Router Firmware

March 5, 2019 ROUTER 0

D-Link is a multinational networking equipment manufacturing company. There are several models of D-Link routers are available around the market. However, using a better router is always a fancy, not only that, in offices and colleges it is an asset as well. Using a D-Link router always make you the winner in terms of getting an internet surfing result. But, maintenance is also a key to keep it up the router performance. So, updating the router firmware is an essential task to perform, to keep using the router for years without an issue. Hence, in this article, you will get the complete steps to update the D-Link router firmware.

It is seen that due to not maintaining the router from time to time, many issues generate, which worsen your internet surfing experience. If you are also facing the same situation, try to follow the steps of this article. By updating the D-Link router firmware, you may get rid off from the issue which you are struggling with.

Have a Glimpse at the Proficient Steps on How to Update D-Link Router Firmware:


The steps to update D-Link router firmware is very easy and you can be able to perform it on your own. For this, you need to study this article in details. This article elaborately explains each and every step in such a manner that you can apply these without facing any problem. So, let us proceed to the steps of the update D-Link router firmware process.

Step One: Download the Update D-Link Firmware


Many problems appeared due to the lack of maintaining of the D-Link router. If the case is related to the firmware files (outdated or corrupted issue), then it can be solved by updating it only. To begin this process, at first, open a browser and go to the official site of the D-Link to get the updated firmware of the router. Here, search for the firmware version which suits the model of the router that you are using and also which seamlessly works with your device’s operating system. After getting the firmware, which satisfies both these conditions, download it. As the firmware successfully gets downloaded, unzip the zip file and place it in such a location from where you can find it easily for the further steps to complete the update D-Link router firmware process.

Remember that during the downloading process no disturbance can take place. Because it may result in incomplete downloading files, which will create further issues in place of solving the problem.

Step Two: Open the Login Page of the D-Link Router


After downloading and properly locating the update D-Link router firmware file, you need to enter into your D-Link account. For this, at first, open to the login page of the D-Link router. To do this, you need to place your router IP address on the address bar of your using browser and press the Enter button after that. On doing this, you will visit the login page of the D-Link router on the screen. If you do not know the IP address of your D-Link router then, follow this below section to get your router IP address manually.

Press the Windows button once and as you see the search bar with a blinking cursor, type cmd on it. After that, search for the Command Prompt or cmd option from this search result and click on it. On doing this, the black background Command Prompt window will appear. Next, type ipconfig on it and press the Enter button. This will open a vast result on this Command Prompt window. From this, execute result search for the Default Gateway section. The value with the dots beside the Default Gateway section is the IP address of the D-Link router which you need to place on the address bar of the browser as said earlier. is an example of the IP address of the D-Link router.

Step Three: Fill Up WIth the Proper Username And Password And Tap On Log In


Now, as you are in the D-Link router login page, you will get two blank spaces provided for the username and password. If you have ever changed these (username and password) earlier then, use those details only in the respective fields. Otherwise, place admin in the place of username and keep the password space blank. After that, hit on login, to get into your D-Link account.

Note: In case, you forget the username and password which you saved earlier, then you need to reset your router. Once, you reset the router every settings change which you have set will get canceled and it becomes a new router. Then, you need to use the default details to get into your D-Link account.

Default username: admin

Default password: keep the space blank

Step Four: Load the Downloaded File And Click on Update Firmware


At the top right-hand corner of this D-Link account window, you will find your current version of firmware. Now, from this window, tap on the Maintenance tab. After that, from this left-hand side panel click on the “Firmware Update” option. Now, click on Browse, this will pop up a screen to allow you to navigate to the location where the updated version of the firmware is present on your PC. Navigate to the location where you keep the firmware earlier, by following the above “Step One” instructions. Then, highlight the firmware and click on the Open box. After that, press on Firmware Update. Now, wait for about 2 seconds, to get the identifying bar into 100 percent. Now as the process is done. It is recommended to reset your router to complete the D-Link router firmware update process.

Hopefully, after studying this article, you will perform the update D-Link router firmware process without any problem. The entire process mentioned here is easy as well as effective, so following them will not be too difficult for you. But still, if you find that while continuing with the process, if any complication arises, then look for an expert’s guidance.

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