Essential Guide on How to Fix Tenda Router Not Working Issue

Essential Guide on How to Fix Tenda Router Not Working Issue

February 1, 2019 ROUTER 0

Tenda is a well-known brand in our technical market, which holds its position because of its superior internet connectivity. With the increase of smart home appliances, digital gaming platforms or streaming the video services, keeping a strong Internet connection at home has become more essential than ever. Nowadays, some of the users of Tenda routers complain that their Tenda router is not working. If you are facing the same, then you need to try to troubleshoot the router problems. This will not only fix your problem but also help you to connect with the router properly and thus provide you with a seamless internet connection. Here in the below article, we are going to provide some easy troubleshooting steps which can easily fix your Tenda router not working problem. Hence, you need to go through the below article. Let’ start.


Easy Tips and Tricks to Resolve Tenda WiFi Router Not Working Issue:


Follow the below troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue and experience a seamless internet connection.


Solution 1: Test by Ping the Router


At first, you need to try to perform a ping test to check if you can correlate with the external world. There are various free ping services available. With the help of the Command Prompt, you can ping any website on Windows. It is the simplest way to ping a site. Hence, go to the start menu and open the Command Prompt. Now, you need to type the command ‘Ping’ with the IP address of the website that you wish to ping. If you forget the IP address of the website, then you need to type the full address.


As an example, if you want to ping Google, then you should type ‘Ping’ This transfers short information packages to the target website and as well as measures how secure the link is. If this test becomes successful, then you will see the results. If it fails continuously, then you need to try to ping various websites. You need to always keep in mind that some websites do not accept the pings. Hence, if you still facing the Tenda router not working problem, then you need to go to the further steps.  


Solution 2: Change the Channel of the Router



Most of the routers use one of 14 channels or frequencies to receive or send any information over the extensively utilized 2.4GHz band. Some of these frequencies or channels overlap. But still, the channels 11, 6, and 1 do not. That’s why these are the most usable channels to the users. If your wireless connection is irregular, then you may be encountering the channel interference. Try to change the Wi-Fi channel with the help of the management console of the router. If the frequency is set to the Auto mode, then try to set it to other channels to check if it can fix the router issue.  


Solution 3: Check the Cable Connection


Before going to replace or reset the router, you need to check the cable connection of the router and as well as examine the connection coming into the system. This is normally located on the backside of the router. Confirm that the main wire has not been affected by something. If you use any cable splitter, then you need to make sure that every connection is strong. In addition, you also need to confirm that the connectors are crimped in a proper way. If you see any rust on the cable, or if you see that the cable is dirty, then try to replace it.



Solution 4: Start a Fresh Connection


After rebooting the router, if you still face the same problem, then you should try to reset the router to the factory defaults settings and as well as try to perform a new install. For most of the routers, this step is done by just pressing the very tiny reset button and holding it for a few time. When the LED indicator starts to flash then release the reset button. After the reset, you have to use the Web-based setup tool or the accompanying disk to install the router again.

Solution 5: Use the Extender


If you connect your device with the wireless router under a roof, then at first check the signal strength of the wireless router. Move the cursor at the right bottom side of the PC and click on the network connection icon. It will show you the strength of the signal with some bars. If there are only one or two bar is showing, then the Wi-Fi connection is extremely weak. Thus, it fails to provide a stable internet connection.


Hence, you need to try to connect with the other bands if you are using a router with dual-band. In addition, you also can readjust the antennas of the router or you can change the location of the router. It also can help you to enhance the range of the signal. If you relocate the router, then you have to use a range extender to boost the signal of the wireless router. If you still face the Tenda router not working issue, then follow the next step.


Solution 6: Upgrade the Router



If you are using an older model, then you need to consider to upgrade to a latest, more efficient router. Mainly if you have multiple customer devices striving for bandwidth. A dual-band router can help you by providing two radio bands to select. It also benefits you to offer an extra band to the customers that need a lot of bandwidth, such as gaming consoles and as well as streaming video devices. Furthermore, the latest routers operate with the advanced technologies to give fast throughput, with improved range of the Wi-Fi.


Solution 6: Check the Status



You need to confirm that the router and the modem are both working in a proper way. At first, check the router to see if the LED indicator is lit. In addition, you also need to check the link, the online LED and as well as the activity LEDs. If you do not find any power or activity of the LED, then turn the router and modem off. Then, wait for a few time before restarting the router. Wait till the model comes back to online before restarting the router. When the power indicator of the router is lit, then you need to check the indicator of the WAN or Internet. Now, check if the Tenda router not working issue is solved or not.


In most of the routers, the indicator becomes green and started to flash. If the router does not have the status indicators, then look around the backside of the router to find if the Ethernet indicator is glowing. If you do not find any activity, then you need to turn off the router. Then, unplug the router from the power source and reconnect all the cable. Make sure that all the cable is joined properly in their appropriate port. Then, wait for a few time before going to reboot the router.


If you are tired of wondering what to do if your Tenda Router is not working, then you are on the right page. In the above discussion, we have provided some of the easy troubleshooting tricks, which can easily fix your issue in no time. We hope, after successfully going through the above guidelines, you can solve your problem easily. If you face any kind of trouble while performing the above troubleshooting steps, then you can connect with a tech expert for further assistance.

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