Netgear N600 Slow WiFi Speed | What You Can Do

Netgear N600 Slow WiFi Speed | What You Can Do

October 1, 2018 ROUTER 0

The Netgear N600 is a Wireless Dual Band Router, which provides a fast wireless performance along with a long range of connectivity. The benefit of it is that it has some incredibly awesome networking features like Guest zone, network storage, traffic meter. The Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Router WNDR3400 provides the service to any home at an affordable price. But the main problem is its speed, the WiFi speed is very slow often, so most of the users are irritated off it. Our Netgear Customer Support executives regularly deal with hundreds of similar cases. So, there are some easy solutions to fix Netgear N600 Slow WiFi Speed problem.

Still, if you cannot be able to solve this on your own, then connect with us. And to connect with us, give us a call at any time on our Netgear Customer Care Number.


Resolve The Netgear N600 Slow WiFi Speed Issue:

This is one of the most difficult problems to resolve. And it is not the only reason that the router is down. The size of the house is also one of the main factors. Even, the position of the router also. If you cannot transfer the router to the perfect location, then there are some solutions which you can do to shoot out the Netgear N600 slow wifi speed:

  • You can change the channel, by which you are using the WiFi signal. If you can find that there are other networks nearby the channel, which you are using at present, it may reduce the WiFi speed. It will be congested. So, connect with the web app. Now, take a different channel to the default and check if it helps or not. Even you can use the 5GHz connection if your router permits it.
  • Nowadays, most of the modern routers are dual or triple bands and provide 24 GHz and 5Ghz connection. Generally, 24 GHz is for distance and 5GHz is for performance. But in the case of Netgear routers, there is the 5GHz connection as a different Wifi network in Windows.
  • Another step is to enable the Netgear Dynamic Quality of Service feature, though it supports on some routers only. It will help the most important tasks like streaming video and gaming. After logging into the router’s web app, you can see it under the basic menu.


If The Router Doesn’t Work – What To Do?

  • At first, disconnect the wireless function, then connect your PC to the router, with an Ethernet cable.
  • Then restart your computer, and then look for an internet connection.
  • If you cannot find any internet connection yet, then reboot the router which you are using or and any modems if you are using.
  • If you are using any modem, then you can do the same process directly with the computer.


How To Get In Touch With Our Netgear Technical Support?

You can easily get our customer service by calling us at our Netgear Customer Care Number +1-855-817-7794 or email us [email protected]. After applying the above-mentioned steps, you can fix Netgear N600 Slow WiFi Speed issue. Still, if you are facing problem then call us, our technicians are always online for your best assistance. We always ensure that our technical support is always one phone call away from you. Finally, you can also interact with our experts at Router Support via our latest online chat portal and resolve your issues in a flicker.

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