Reset Asus Router Password – Easy Hacks

Reset Asus Router Password – Easy Hacks

January 13, 2019 ROUTER 0

Asus is a Chinese multinational hardware company that manufactures and sells networking gadgets. It delivers the best quality routers over the years. However, sometimes you need to reset Asus router password. This is often required by internet users while they are working. Resetting a router password is essential for the safety and security of your network. If you do not perform this necessary step of resetting password from time to time, then there can be a security breach, and your network can be unethically used by hackers or neighbours. Or, it may also happen that you forgot router password Asus. In all such cases, you need to reset the router password to get things going. Therefore, you need to know the ways to reset Asus router password. Read this article to know how to reset Asus router password effectively.

The Need To Reset Asus Router Password

There can be several reasons for which you need to reset Asus router password. You have to know the causes by which you can perform the procedure appropriately. Have a look below to know some of the common causes for resetting the Asus router.

  • There can be a chance that you forgot Asus router password. In such cases, you need to reset the password.
  • If the internet service provider has changed the IP Address, Default Gateway, and the Subnet Mask of the internet connection.
  • Moreover, if someone else has tried to login to the Asus Router Setup Wizard repeatedly, then you need to reset the router.
  • If your Asus router is malfunctioning, then you have to reset the router password and username to log in afresh.
  • You can also reset the password of the Asus router if you don’t want to keep the default password while you login to the Asus router.
  • If the default password is not working due to any reason then you can always reset the Asus router to make sure you login to the router setup wizard.

How To Reset Asus Router Password Effectively

If you are looking to reset the Asus router password on your own, then read through this article to know the easy hacks to reset the Asus router.

To Reset Admin Password Of Asus Router

Follow the steps carefully to reset the admin password of Asus routers. First of all, open any of the web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox. Then in the search bar of the browser, write the following: and hit the Enter button. Alternatively, you can also type http://router.asus to go to the router website and from there visit the Admin Panel. Choose the Status option and then the Security option to reset the password. There, you can also change the username along with the password of the Asus router. After that, try logging in to the Asus router wizard using the new credentials, to see if you have successfully reset the password or not.

To Reset The WiFi Password Of Asus Router

Go to the Admin Panel of the Asus router by going to the Asus official website. Make sure you have a strong internet connection while you are resetting the router password. Then login with the correct username and password. The dashboard of the asus router appears on the screen. In the Administrative Settings option, click on the Wireless Panel. From the Administrative Settings, choose the SSID and WiFi Band. Now, select the password protection types WEP or WEP2 and enter the new password in the password field. Give a proper username and password according to your choice. At last, click on the Save button and close the dashboard. Now, login to the Asus setup wizard using the new password and see if it has been changed or not.

You can always contact any expert, if you find the procedures difficult to execute. This will make sure that your Asus router will be reset effectively.

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