Asus Router Firmware Update: Learn The Steps

Asus Router Firmware Update: Learn The Steps

March 2, 2019 ROUTER 0

Asus is a world famous manufacturer of routers, smartphones and many more electronic gadgets. Starting from home, job sectors are also uses the Asus router for its best performance internet service. However, maintenance is a very important factor to keep the devices working normally. Keep updating the firmware (if available), in a timely manner is also very important to keep your router protect from any problems. And the process for doing this, is very simple. By studying this article, till to the end you, will learn every steps of Asus router firmware update process.

Firmware is a kind of software which comes with every hardware devices including routers to communicate with the smart devices like computers, and laptops. It also provides the security and administrative controls along with network protocols. So, updating the firmware is very important for every device. By updating the firmware, many of the common problems of the routers also get resolved. An outdated version of firmware can be the root of many problems and the solution for this is not other than the updating process. So, let us proceed to the method of “how to update Asus router firmware?”

Complete Steps for Asus router firmware update

Follow all these steps below to complete the Asus router update firmware process:

Step One: Download the updated firmware

If you are facing any issue with your Asus router then, only by updating the firmware you may resolve it. And for this, first of all, open a browser and by using it navigate to the firmware downloading page of the Asus official site. And from here, search for the firmware which suits both your router model and the OS as well. After getting the updated version of the Asus router firmware, download it. Remember, that during the downloading process no disturbance occurs. Because a disturbance during the downloading process may result in incomplete downloading files, which may hamper the total process of Asus router firmware update. So, be attentive during the downloading process of the Asus router firmware files. As the downloading process is successfully done, now unzip the file to proceed these further steps.

Step Two: Open the Asus router login page

To update the router firmware at first you need to enter into the Asus router user account. And the process to do this is as below:

At first, get the IP address of the Asus router and for this open the Command Prompt window. Press the Start (Windows) button once to activate the search panel. Then, on this bar type “cmd”, without quotations. After that, from this search result menu click on the Command Prompt or cmd option, whichever you will get. Most probably this option is present at the top most position of this cmd search result. On doing this, the Command Prompt titled window will gets open. Now, here on this window type “ipconfig” and then, hit on the Enter button to execute this command. Further, from these executing results on the Command Prompt window, go to the Default Gateway section. The value along with the dots is the IP address of the router which is required to open the Asus router login page. is an example of an IP address, it differs. So, try these above procedure to get yours.

After getting the IP address, now, place this values along with dots on the address bar of your opening browser and hit the Enter button. This will navigate you to the Asus router login page.

Step Three: Provide the proper username and password and tap on the log in box

After reaching to the login field of the Asus router by following these above instructions. Now, fill up the Username and Password field with the correct details. If you have never changed the details (Username and Password) then, put admin in both the blank spaces of the Username and Password. And if you have ever changed the details, then fill up the spaces with those details only. And if you forget it then, you need to reset the router. But, remember that resetting the router will cancel all the changes whichever you have made to the settings of it. After placing the Username and Password, click on the log in box. That’s all you need to do to enter into your Asus account. Now, proceed further to complete the Asus router firmware update process.

Step Four: Select and upload the previously downloaded and converted firmware of Asus router

Further, after you have got the Asus user account window in front, take the cursor on the number, which is beside to the Firmware Version section, click on it. Next, this will navigate you to the “Firmware Upgrade” tab of this opening window. After that, click on the “Choose File” box, beside to the New Firmware File section. Now, this will pop-up a window, to allow you to navigate to the location where the Asus router update firmware gets downloaded. After going to the location select the file and press the Open button of this popping window. Next, tap on the Upload button to start the updating process. And wait, until this loading bar shows 100 % and the update is complete message get appear.

After completing all these above steps, it is recommended to press and keep holding the reset button from the router’s body for 5 seconds.

After go through the instructions of this article, hopefully, you can be able to proceed the Asus router firmware update process without any problem.

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