Learn How To Remotely Turn Off WiFi Router By Following Few Simple Instructions

Learn How To Remotely Turn Off WiFi Router By Following Few Simple Instructions

February 24, 2019 ROUTER 0

Under many technical circumstances, the users may feel the need to switch off their wireless routers by using remote access features. The underlying reasons for choosing remote control WiFi can include various scenarios. In some cases, it can be due to lack of proper facility to turn on/off wireless connections on a regular basis. However, this feature can be extremely useful for parents, who wish to provide limited internet access to their children. Hence, it is very important to be aware of the complete procedure to disable internet connection remotely. So, if you are looking for some effective techniques to remotely turn off Wifi router, keep reading this article.  

Here, you will not only come across the technical steps to monitor and control your internet access from a distance. But, you can also learn about the different situations, when you need to turn off your WiFi remotely. So, let’s start with purposes when you decide to disable the router using remote control technique to disconnect the internet.

Turn Off Wifi Router Remotely Under The Following Circumstances:

In order to decide which method is the best to turn off the router remotely, you need to have clarity regarding the purpose behind doing it. Only then, you can take help from this article or any other resource for switching off wireless router remotely. So, let’s cover the various scenarios when you may feel like turning off the router through remote control.

Often, it is found that the users apply for different internet connection at one place and then fail to utilize it on a regular basis. This is when they may access the networking features and disable or switch off the router at the original location.

Sometimes, you may have to work on multiple PCs at different locations and it may require to turn on/off the router accordingly. Hence, you can use this feature to remotely turn off Wifi router without visiting the location physically. There are some router users who apply for WiFi connectivity but, hardly spends any time online. So, if this is the case, you can turn your wireless connection into a metered one. In this way, you will be able to turn the internet on or off as per your requirement and save money as compared to a full-time connection.

In many cases, connecting to Wifi all the time can increase the risk of online security threats. Hence, to protect your device from unnecessary malware and give the processor and other components some rest and security, you can disable the Wifi. If you suspect that there are users who can somehow access your network to enable WiFi on their devices illegally, you can prevent it. The best way to handle such a situation is to simply turn off the wireless router when you are not requiring it.

Steps to Follow for Turning Off Your Wireless Router Through Remote Access

The following steps will help you to understand how to turn off the router remotely by making use of proper configuration settings. To turn off router remotely, you need to choose a PC or laptop that is connected to the LAN along with the same access point as that of the router. Hence, you need to enable the remote access feature on the device that is present nearest to the WiFi router. Later, you can modify the settings and use it for disabling or turning on/off the internet from remote devices. Now, follow the steps discussed below.

Access Router’s Login Website

Depending on the manufacturing details, model and technical specifications of the router, the process may vary. Hence, it is your task to find out the accurate web address for a particular router model and access the online setup. So, keep carefully the login information including the username and password, as this will help you in accessing the router’s page with the admin’s privilege.

Identify IP Address Of Router

Your next task is to figure out the external IP address of the current access point for your router. Mostly, you can get this information by going through its configuration utility. Also, check the router’s present status and note down the IP address mentioned on the setup page.  

Configure Remote Settings As Administrator

Follow proper instructions for configuring the access point, which is essential to remotely turn off Wifi router. Further, you can hit the ‘Administration’ tab on the settings page and find the Management section. There, you will get to view the option for ‘Remote management’ on your router. After clicking on this feature, make sure to hit the ‘Save Settings’ tab to save these changes in the router.

Finally, you can open a reliable web browser on a remote PC and check whether you can switch off WiFi on the original access point. Then, use the IP address that you have found earlier for turning off the wireless network. For obtaining detailed instructions to remotely turn off Wifi router, you can take help from a networking expert or technician.

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