Amazing Hacks To Troubleshoot The Linksys Parental Controls Not Working Issue

Amazing Hacks To Troubleshoot The Linksys Parental Controls Not Working Issue

February 27, 2019 ROUTER 0

Linksys WiFi is one of the latest specimens and comes with highly innovative features. In one word, such a WiFi ensures that you might configure your dashboard properly. The effective configuration enables you to make changes any time, enabling you further to derive a streamlined interface. Therefore, certainly, it is a smart WiFi tool. Apart from this, Linksys Parental tool also allows you to restrict the internet usages. Also, by means of this tool, you can also restrict the navigation of your devices on your network. That is to say, you can limit how much your device can navigate across a particular network online.

Besides, by means of Linksys Parental Control tool, you may also block the internet sites that you wish to especially on certain specific devices and that’s not all. If you wish, you may restrict internet access for a stipulated time period. In addition to all these, the tool also enables you to check the transferring of the packet data, which is specifically used for all sort of home appliances. However, despite all these smart and feature-rich attributes of the Linksys WiFi, it is not entirely free from glitches. And in this article, we shall discuss one of the major issues of Linksys WiFi integrated with parental control. Let’s not keep you guessing you further, we are talking about Linksys parental controls not working and also offer you proven measures to resolve the problem.

The Causative Factors Responsible for Linksys Parental Controls Not Working

As promised, we shall discuss the remedial solutions for the error. However, prior to that, we shall shed some light on the major causes of the error. This is because unless you know the causes, solving any issue is going to get extremely difficult for you. Besides, it is quite obvious that if your Linksys Parental Controls fails to work, then there must be some reasons for it. And,  if you are to curb the problem from the root, then you must learn the reasons causing the issue of Linksys Parental Controls not working to occur. So, before we proceed with the solutions, in this section we are going to shed some light on the notable causes of the issue in question. Have a look at them.

One of the potential causes behind  Linksys parental controls not working may be the non-installation of the newest version of the Linksys application. That is if yours is an old version of Linksys and you have not installed the new version of the application yet, then you are most likely to run into such an error.

Often your Linksys might fail to function because of conflicting real-time error. If your application confronts such an issue then quite naturally, it faces operational hindrance.

And that’s not all, you can run into this error, in case your Linksys router is set to the bridge mode. Since the Linksys router does not support the bridge mode, quite understandably you might run into the issue in question, while accessing your Linksys. Therefore, as you can see there are not one but many reasons why your Linksys router parental controls might not work.

Nonetheless, if you run into such an unexpected issue, there is no need for you to panic. Like every other problem, this too has its solution. And, in this article, we shall offer you proven fixes of the glitch under discussion. So shed away your worries and continue reading our article thoroughly.

Brilliant Hacks To Fix Linksys Smart WiFi Parental Controls Not Working In Minutes

In this section, we are going to offer some proven workarounds for the glitch that will help you sort the issue in no time. Just have a look at it.

Try Upgrading Your Firmware


One of the formidable causes for such technological glitches is definitely the defective firmware. However, the issue of  Linksys Smart WiFi Parental Controls Not Working is no exception. However, fixing an issue with the firmware is not at a difficult task. You need not fear, follow the instructions we have cited below.


First of all, you must reach out to the Linksys web setup page. That you can easily do by means of entering the IP address right into the address menu bar of your web browser. Once done, you must log into your setup page. For this, you need to put in your administrator details. And if you have not made any major modifications with respect to your configuration details, then you will just have to insert your username as well password. You may put Admin for both.


The moment you do this, a new window will pop up immediately. Check for the available updates and then, press on the update button. After that, you need to wait patiently for the process of installation to successfully complete. As soon as it does, visit the official website and enter the model number of your Linksys router. After completion of the above stages, you will have to press the Support icon and click on the download option. Then, choose the hardware version you are using, from the dropdown menu. Once done, you must be able to locate your firmware file appropriately and press on the download icon. Finally, you must save your file to your preferred location and retreat back to your Linksys router setup page all over again.


Lastly, you have to simply press on the Administration icon and choose the option “Firmware Upgrade” You complete the process by pressing on your previously saved Firmware File and wait for the file to upgrade. After the successful completion of the process, your Linksys application will be updated. However, in order to activate the Parental Control feature, you must go through the successive steps mentioned below.

Step 1


To begin, you need to log in to the Velop dashboard. Once you are logged in, you can move to the Linksys setup page by means of your web browser. Thereafter, you need to type your Linksys Smart WiFi ID  in order to successfully log into the web setup page. You can secure access to the page either by means of the default router settings or else by putting in your passcode. Once you are done with it, you will receive a notification message confirming your successful login.

Step 2


You will have to first check whether the Parental Controls settings is turned off by default. Next, you must search out for the Plus Icon. This icon is located just beside the Parental Control Label. The moment you find it, simply press on the icon. Once you do this, you’re going to get secure access to the Parental Control Section. Also, set the permission to add your devices. Thereafter, you will have to click on the Control Device Button. The moment you click on the said button, it will display all the list of the devices that are connected by means of your router. After this, all you need to do is choose the preferred device on which you wish to bring forth the necessary alterations.

Step 3

On completion of the second step, you must acquire access to the three most vital options namely, “Create Internet Schedule,” “Block Access” as well as “Block Specific Sites” By means of availing these options, you can restrict up to ten websites. All it requires you to do is write the names of the websites you intend to block. While the Block Access option enables you to block the permission for access into a specific device, in case you wish to block access to your device for a prolonged time period, then the ideal option for you is “Create Internet Schedule”. However, you will have to set the time and date as per your choice to specify the time period.  

Step 4

This is the last and final step for you. All you must do in this final step is to scrutinize your dashboard thoroughly to detect if you have activated the Parental Control feature for any of your devices or not. In order to make sure that you have Linksys router parental controls, you can check whether the toggle switch is powered on or not. Also, if you have successfully enabled the Linksys smart wifi parental controls, you will find all your devices which are controlled by this smart feature appearing under the Parental Control Section.

Following these steps, you can enable the Linksys router parental controls quite conveniently and also resolve the issue of  Linksys parental controls not working in no time.



To sum up, we shall recommend you to follow our guidelines thoroughly in case, you confront the issue of Linksys parental controls not working. The workarounds we suggested are the proven remedial measures that you may apply against this glitch. Therefore, you can easily solve them for all your Linksys real-time issues and after that, you are certain to derive fruitful results.


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