Perform Factory Reset Belkin Router In Some Easy Steps

Perform Factory Reset Belkin Router In Some Easy Steps

September 29, 2018 ROUTER 0

Belkin routers have become a favorite for many users across the world.  Belkin offers a wide array of routers both for home as well as office use. However, users often want to reset their Belkin routers due to many reasons. They might want to do it in order to troubleshoot some issues or make changes to the current network settings. Factory reset Belkin router can be done by following some effective steps.

Nonetheless, you will have to keep in mind that resetting your Belkin router is going to remove all your existing configuration settings. This content walks you through some effective measures that you can implement to reset your router.


Learn How To Factory Reset Belkin Router

There are some excellent hacks that you can implement to perform the factory reset Belkin router. Go through the methods discussed below to complete the procedure. While trying the following techniques you might come across some issues. In case of any doubt, contact our Belkin Customer Care for help.


Method 1

You can reset your Belkin router to its factory default settings with the help of the reset button. To initiate the process, you have to locate the reset button on your Belkin router. You can find the reset button at the back of the router. After this, you have to press and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds at a stretch. Then, you need to release the button for resetting.

If you see a repetitive pattern of blinking lights, then wait till the lights become constant again. You might have to wait for some minutes for the entire resetting process to be over. After your router goes back to the factory default settings, you can try a different setting.


Method 2

Another method to factory reset Belkin router is by using the user interface. Firstly, you need to open a web browser on your computer. After that, you will have to go to the address bar and navigate to the IP address of

In the next step, you will have to click the login option and then enter your router’s password. After this, you have to click ‘submit’. Then, you have to open the ‘Utilities’ window and go to the ‘Utilities’ tab.

In the next step, you will need to click on the option saying ‘restarting your router’. Then, you should click ‘OK’ in order to confirm that. Once the router restarts, you will see the user interface reappear again.

After that, you are supposed to click on the ‘Restore factory defaults’ in the ‘Utilities’ window. This step will make sure that your router goes back to the factory default settings.

Then, you need to click on the ‘Restore Defaults’ button and then press ‘OK’. However, you will have to press ‘OK’ again in order to start the restore process.  Once the restore process is over, you will be able to see the user interface reappear again.


Get In Touch With Us For Professional Help

You might not be comfortable in implementing all these steps on your own. If you are unable to factory reset Belkin router, our assistance can be of help to you. Our technicians and engineers are efficient enough to get rid of your technical glitches. They have been trained rigorously in relevant knowledge and skills. Therefore, you can rely on our professionals without any doubt.

You can reach our professionals by availing any of our helplines. Firstly, you can give us a call at our Belkin Support Phone Number +1-855-817-7794 and tell us about your technical issues. Our executives are available round the clock to receive your calls and resolve your queries. Moreover, you can also send us a detailed email at [email protected] on how you would like us to help you.  Finally, you can chat with our executives via our live chat portal. Therefore, get rid of such technical problems by entrusting our professionals with the work.


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