Why Is My Router So Slow: Essential Guidelines to Speed Up

Why Is My Router So Slow: Essential Guidelines to Speed Up

March 1, 2019 ROUTER 0

Recently, it has been found that most of the router users are coming up with the question “why is my router so slow?In this advanced technology world, routers are one of the foremost peripheral. Any problem or issue with it is a lag in work for each and every router users.

There are multiple factors that can affect the performance of your wireless network and can slow down the network speed. By eradicating those factors, you can easily enhance the performance of your network as well as you can make it faster.

If are you facing the same with your router and looking for the solution, then it is recommended to scroll down and read on to know more regarding “why is my router so slow?”.


Four Factors that can Negatively Affect the Speed of your Router

Firstly, we will take a look at the major reasons and factors that can affect the speed of your router. This can help you to prevent these types of issues from occurring in the future. These are as mentioned below:


1. Internet Thieves    

This is the most common factor behind this issue. Most of the router users face a drop in speed on their routers because of internet thieves. If the password of your router is very simple and easy to guess, then there is a high chance that many people are tapping into it than you originally arranged for.


2. Congestion

This is a major problem in congested residences and neighborhoods. Whenever too many people are trying to access the corresponding router’ s network at the same time, the speed of the router is significantly influenced.

3. Incorrect Configuration of your Router    

The speed of your router may slow down because of the incorrect configuration of your router. Moreover, you need to select the proper and exact type of wireless security of your router to avert intermittent connection issues. The WEP security setting of your router can be easily hacked and an Open network security setting is not safe for your WiFi network. The soundest option is AES and WPA2 among all the security settings.  


4. You are too Far or Out of Range

This may be the main cause behind the intermittent network disruptions on your router. Basically, routers are crafted to transmit signals in a particular or limited space. Whenever you are too far or you are out of the network range, then definitely the speed of your router will slow down.


Here’s How you can Enhance the Speed and Performance of your Router   

There are several technical issues that adversely affect the stability of the internet connection and the speed of your router. To resolve it, you need to diagnose each and every possible factor behind it. Therefore, here, we have rounded up some effective and useful methods to resolve the poor connection of your router.

Method 1: Router Positioning   

You need to choose a proper position to place your router. You need to place your router at a position from where it can cover the dead areas of your house. Moreover, you need to keep some factors in your mind, before selecting the place of your router. Such as the location of the devices that you want to connect with your router’s network, level (High or Low) of the router that you are positioning and many more. Therefore, it is very important and crucial to place your router in a correct place from where the router can expand the network hassle-free.

Method 2: Avoid Wireless Interference that Slows Down your Router Speed

You need to avoid the signal interference which is the main component that slows down the speed of your router. Moreover, multiple wireless connections often perform poorly because of signal interference.  


Method 3: Beware of Malware and Viruses  

The malware or viruses of your router may be the main culprit that slows down the speed of your router. If your router is infected by malware, then the speed of the router definitely faces a negative impact. Therefore, you need to secure your router from the malware and viruses.


Method 4: Stop Background Programs that Hog Bandwidth

Some software applications may run in the background of your system which is hidden behind some folders or drives. Such applications consume network resources. In such circumstances, you need to stop the background programs to speed up the wireless network of your router.


Summing it Up    

This article covers effective guidelines on why is my router so slow?Moreover, here we have mentioned some of the easy and useful methods to resolve the router’s network speed issue. Try the above-mentioned methods and see which one is working for you in resolving the network issues on your router.      

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