Complete Guide For Your TP-Link Router Setup| Dial +1-855-817-7794|Configure Your Router!

Complete Guide For Your TP-Link Router Setup| Dial +1-855-817-7794|Configure Your Router!

June 21, 2018 ROUTER 0

Wondering how to configure your TP-Link Router? You are at the right place here to get a complete guide for your TP-Link Router setup. It may be difficult for you to perform this task on your own. There are various complex features in your TP-Link Router that require a technical guidance to handle.

D-Link Router Support

In order to help you with the router setup procedure, our TP-Link Router Support team has come up with some easy steps. Follow them accordingly and get instant result. Our technical experts have successfully configured a numerous number of routers through the following procedure:

Instructions For Your TP-Link Router Setup

If you have a cable modem, you will get the internet access directly from the modem. But only one person can use the modem, as it cannot be shared with other people.

This procedure describes how you can perform TP-Link Router setup with a DSL modem.

Step 1

Switch on your router and modem. Connect your router with the modem, then connect your computer to the router. Now sign-in to the router management page.

Step 2

On that page, click on the Network button and then go to WAN. Now replace the WAN Connection Type with PPPoE. Enter your username and password to continue the procedure. Hit the save button and wait for a while to let your router connect to the internet.TP-Link router troubleshooting

Step 3

Check if any IP address appears on the WAN part of your page. If you find any, it indicates that your router and modem is connected with each other.TP-Link Router configuration

Step 4

In another case, if you didn’t find any IP address there, switch off your DSL modem, computer, and router. Keep them off for 5 minutes. Now switch on your modem first, then turn on your computer and router as well.

Once you go through this whole process, your router will be all set. You can enjoy all the benefits of the TP-Link routers and get a better browsing experience.

Still Struggling With TheĀ TP-Link Router setup?

In case you are still unable to complete the TP-Link Router setup procedure? Give us a call at our TP-Link Router Support Number and share your exact problem with our specialists. We are constantly available through our helpline number to analyze your glitches and help you get rid of it.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us to get all the answers related to your queries. On the other hand, if you are experiencing some other problem with your router device, let us know immediately. Our technical experts will take care of your concern and assist you further.