Get Instant Tenda Router Setup Process At Your Fingertip

Get Instant Tenda Router Setup Process At Your Fingertip

September 29, 2018 ROUTER 0

A fast internet connection is a must-have in this technological era. Tenda router is the best choice to facilitate the fast internet connection. It is all in one router which comes with some exceptional features at an affordable price. It is excellent in design and brilliant in performance which makes it more user-friendly. As more and more users want to access the internet through a wireless network, Tenda router setup has become important.

Wireless internet connectivity enables us to access the internet from anywhere in the house or office without any messy wires. You need to set up the router after you reset the device for any issue.


Common Issues When Tenda Router Setup Not Done Properly

Setting up a router is not an easy task if it wrongly set up then you may encounter various issues which restrict you from using the internet. Some of the problems regarding Tenda router setup are listed below.

  • Internet connectivity issue – While setting the router properly, you may come across some internet related issue. The problem can arise either when your internet speed is slow or you don’t have any data connection.
  • IP Address – During setup of a router, you have to configure the IP address and MAC address properly. Otherwise, you may not connect to the router as it shows the wrong IP address to you.


3 Simple Steps To Set Up A Tenda Router

We illustrate you some solutions which help you to set up Tenda router.

Step 1: Connecting The Hardware Parts Of The Router

Firstly, connect your router to the modem with an Ethernet cable so that you can access the internet without any hassle. After that, connect the modem to the WAN or internet port on your router. It helps you to get the LAN IP address or WiFi signal from a pool of private addresses. Always use hard wires or Ethernet cable to connect any devices with the router. After that, connect one computer with the router in order to configure the settings of the router.


Step 2: Configuring The Router

You can start the configuration process by opening the web browser on your computer and type the default IP address. If the router is new, then you will get the IP address at the back of the router, or also you can do a web search for that. Your browser will automatically connect to the router’s configuration menu. At last, you have to give your username and password so that you can access the router’s configuration page for getting the IP address.


Step 3: Connecting Your Router To Broadband Routers

Till now, you may have noticed the Wi-Fi signal but cannot access the internet. For this, you have to register the router’s MAC address to the internet service provider.

Hopefully, you will be able to do Tenda router setup after following the above steps. In case you face any difficulty in catching up with the procedure, then contact our Tenda customer care.


Connect With Us For Availing The Best In Class Solution | Call +1-855-817-7794

After applying the above steps if you still encounter any errors regarding Tenda routers, then place a call at our Tenda helpline number +1-855-817-7794. We provide one-stop solutions for various kind of fallacies regarding the Tenda routers. We have a crew of highly skilled engineers, for them troubleshooting these errors is not pretty much challenging. You can discuss the issue with our engineers and ask for the solution. They will provide you with the most appropriate solution.

Additionally, you can mail us your issues at our customer support mail id [email protected], and our engineers will respond to you in no time. Also, you can use our live chat portal which is an ideal alternative for connecting with us. You can chat with our tech support executives and resolve your queries in no time.


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