Get Trusted Solutions For Tenda Router Not Working Issue In Your Budget

Get Trusted Solutions For Tenda Router Not Working Issue In Your Budget

September 29, 2018 ROUTER 0

Tenda is a recognized leading supplier of networking devices. Tenda router is globally famous for its exceptional features. It is compact and sturdy in design which gives a flawless performance to the users. Most of the customers prefer Tenda router for office and home uses. Despite all these unbeatable features, it is not free from technical glitches. Tenda router not working issue is one such glitch. Most of the users come across it.


What Leads To Tenda Router Not Working Issue?

  • Password recovery issue– Sometimes you try to login into your router, but fail. It occurs when the browser does not work properly or accidentally you have changed the router settings.
  • Problems in router reset– You might require to reset your router when your router does not work properly, but you encounter several errors during reset. It occurs when your router’s drivers get outdated.
  • IP address error– When you want to connect your device with the Tenda router, but your device fails to connect. It occurs if the IP address of the router not properly set and your device can’t detect the IP of your PC.
  • Network connectivity issue– It occurs due to faulty cables or due to the corruption of drivers in routers. It is a very common problem which many users face.

The above errors occur very frequently which may harm your device and even completely damage the device. Other than this, you might encounter some hardware issue why your Tenda wifi router not working.


Fixes For Tenda Router Not Working Issue

Tenda router errors are always frustrating which restricts you from accessing the Internet. On top of that, troubleshooting these issues are very difficult. You may not resolve on your own if you are not good with computers. Still, we are suggesting you some basic steps which help you to fix the error.


Solution 1: For Internet Connectivity Issue

Firstly, all the cables connected to your router are working fine. If not, replace it and then check the internet connection. You may also reboot your router, since sometimes rebooting your router may remove all the snags and able to connect with the internet.


Solution 2: For IP Address Error

Sometimes your IP address conflicts with other device’s IP address. So, if you change the IP address of your router, then it will resolve the issue.

  • You may start the process by opening a web browser and then type the default IP address and then press Enter.
  • After that, type the username and password which you have given during the installation process.
  • Then, choose Network and then LAN which you get in the menu.
  • At last, change the IP address and click to save.

Hope the above solutions will help you to resolve the issue.


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