Router Speed Test: Learn Quick And Easy Methods

Router Speed Test: Learn Quick And Easy Methods

March 7, 2019 ROUTER 0

The WiFi speed of your computer is different from the internet speed offered by the service provider. The speed of a router can vary depending on the connection. In order to run a router speed test, there are several online websites you can opt for. These sites provide free speed tests. However, you can check your router’s speed without taking any website’s help as well.

Therefore, in this context, we will talk about some basic methods to test your router’s speed. Hence, follow the methods and perform the action as instructed.

How to Test Router Speed? Methods to Perform

It is important for a good router to get the desired speed that you want from your network. Moreover, there are lots of factors responsible which affects the network speed between the router and your system. Hence, you need to determine the router’s speed. To test the connection speed, you need to follow the methods mentioned in the below section. So, stay tuned with this article.

Method 1

The easiest way to test your router’s connection speed is to open any reliable web browser and in the search bar type “router speed test”. Then, hit the Enter button to continue. Several websites are present there. From there, you can select any one of the sites you find reliable and check your network speed.

Method 2

You can test your router’s speed from the Open Network and Sharing Center option. Apply the steps as mentioned here:

  • In the Desktop of your system, you will find the wireless adapter icon. This is usually situated in the bottom-right corner of your device’s screen.

  • Next, right-click on the option and click the Open Network and Sharing Center option. After that, select the WiFi network which is connceted with your system.
  • It will show the WiFi status of your system’s wireless connection details. In the Connection section, you will Speed option. The Speed indicated the speed of your wireless router. Run the test to know about your router’s speed.

Method 3

You can also test your router’s speed from the Taskbar tab.

  1. Go to the Taskbar tab and right-click on it.

  1. You will find the Start Task Manager option. Tap the option. A new tab called Windows Task Manager option will open.

  1. After that, choose the Networking option. In the Adapter section, you will find your Wireless Network in connect states. Beside the Wireless Network section, the connection speed will show.

Thus, by following the methods as mentioned in the above section, you can easily the router speed test, easily without any difficulty. To get more post like this, keep following our articles.

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