[Solved] Netgear Router Dropping Issue

[Solved] Netgear Router Dropping Issue

August 28, 2019 ROUTER 0

When it comes to routers, Netgear is one of the best routers as it provides you with a smooth internet connection. Netgear manufactures many devices like routers and wireless devices.

Though the Netgear device services are the best, yet they are also prone to errors. This is because, with time, these devices wear down. The most common problem with the Netgear router is that it keeps dropping. 

So, in order to fix this problem, at first, you have to know the cause of this problem to prevent it from occurring.

Reasons behind Netgear Router Keeps Dropping Wifi:

When you have a problem in connecting with the internet, you face this kind of problem. The dropping of the Netgear router can occur due to many reasons. It is actually very difficult for you to identify the actual reason behind it. 

The dropping of Wi-Fi connectivity is the result of the Netgear router dropping issue.

Sometimes it is seen that Netgear restricts some sites which are not registered because it might damage your system. 

  • If there is any virus attack on your system, then you can face this issue. For this reason, scanning becomes important.
  • If there is any problem with the hard drive of your system, then you may face this problem.
  • You can also face this problem when you are not using the new version of the Operating System.

Easy Ways to Fix the Problem of Dropping of Netgear Router:

If you follow these below-mentioned troubleshooting steps, then you can easily fix this Netgear router keeps dropping problem.

Verifying the Setting of your Netgear Router

You should use a network with lower band speed if you are using a high-speed network. In the first place, all the security applications like filtering of address and network isolation have to be disabled. 

The main reason to disable the above features from your system is that they do not protect your system. In the next place, you have to go to the Channel Setting of your router to change it to the mixed mode. The existing channel can be replaced or you can just reset your router.

Upgradation of the Firmware of your Netgear Router

Even after following the above steps, if your router does not fix, then you have to update the firmware of the router. 

To update your Netgear router, you have to be specific with your router’s model number. Updating firmware is difficult and for this reason, specification is needed.

Upgradation of the Driver

Before you install the Netgear router, you have to install application programs like drivers. You can apply these steps the driver of your system gets corrupted. 

Now, to solve this problem, you have to search for the most recent drive in the driver’s official page. This will help you to update the driver of your PC. Then you have to save the driver in the desktop after the downloading process. 

Once the downloading process is over, then you have to install the driver in your system.

Hopefully, with the help of the above methods, you can easily keep the connectivity of your Netgear router at high speed. If still the Netgear router keeps dropping issue remains, then it is advised to get in touch with a professional.

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