Know How To Access Router Remotely: A Quick Informative Guide

Know How To Access Router Remotely: A Quick Informative Guide

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If you have a router installed in your home and want to control it from a remote location, then you might think about whether it is possible to achieve that or not. But the good news is that you can access router remotely. Although, if your home router doesn’t support this, it will require surplus effort to make it accessible. Therefore, this article will give you a thorough know-how about accessing the router remotely.

How to Access Router Remotely

There are several ways of connecting the router remotely. To learn them, take a look at the methods discussed below.

Connecting Router which Supports Web Access

Depending on the type of router you are using, the process of setting up web access will vary. However, the general approach will remain intact. When the router supports web access, you will have to log in and search for a particular section of the router configuration. In this category, you can try to enable web access and provide a particular username and password.

If you wish to make your home router secure, check the options to authorize HTTPS connections. This is done with the purpose of encrypting the data since it transmits back and forth from the computer to the router. After completing this setup, navigate to the router by writing HTTP:// or HTTPS:// in the browser’s URL. After that, you need to provide the IP address of the router.

Connecting Router that Doesn’t Support Web Access

Majority of the modern routers support web access. But if it doesn’t, even then it is accessible if you connect this to your home computer first. After that, you can connect it to the router. To achieve this and access router remotely follow the below steps:

  1. First, open your home computer and enable Remote Desktop Connections.
  2. Then, right-click on My Computer and move to the Remote tab. After that, examine the options to permit remote locations.
  3. Then, log in to the Router. Now, move to the Port forwarding section and give port 3389 to your home computer.
  4. Go to that computer placed in the remote location and press the Start button.
  5. After that, write ‘MSTSC’ in the Run Window. Then, press OK.
  6. In the Remote Desktop Connection Window, you need to provide the IP address of your home computer and press Connect button.
  7. After completing the login, the router becomes accessible as if you are sitting in front of your PC.
  8. Please ensure that doing changes to the home router can detach you from the Remote Desktop session. Henceforth, you need to reconnect it again.

How to Access Router Remotely with the Help of Port Forwarding?

In this section, you can learn how to access router remotely using port forwarding. Please take into account that these steps will work only if you possess a public IP address present in the ISP. When you logged in, move to the Status option and view the address. Once you find address not beginning with 192.168, then it signifies that it is a public IP.

How to Access Router Remotely from Home Network

To achieve this, you need to follow two basic steps:

Turn on Remote Sharing

First of all, you need to login to the router with the help of a default gateway in the web browser. After that, you need to provide a username as well as password. When you reach the router dashboard, search for the remote management option. Some of the routers are termed as remote access and this is available under the Advanced Settings option.

When you find the remote management system, enable it. Then, save the changes you just made. It is a custom practice to modify your default port no from 8080 to something different. Moreover, ensure you don’t use default login credentials. Make it more complex. Otherwise can log in to the network.

Establishing Dynamic DNS

Since your public IP address is not static, you can modify it anyway. Therefore, you can fix this issue using Dynamic DNS. So, follow the below steps to access the router remotely by establishing Dynamic DNS.

  1. First, log in to the router and search for an option that says Dynamic DNS. (However, if it is not present, you can download the IP update software from the Dynamic DNS provider. Then, place that on the computer that is frequently used. However, most of the routers are equipped with the inbuilt Dynamic DNS options.)
  2. Move to the official website and make a free account.
  3. Then, hover on to the dashboard. You will get an option to Add Hostname. Press on that. You will find a new window.
  4. Provide a new subdomain and then press the Add button.
  5. Move ahead by copying the new domain name and paste that on the Router Settings.
  6. Provide username and password used for the login of that service. Then, make the unsaved changes.
  7. Now, in order to access the home router from a remote location, write the domain before the remote control port no. If you have the correct setup; you will find it on the login screen of your router.

You can also follow the above step if you wish to access the Asus router remotely.

How can you Access Router Through Remote Management Help?

With the help of Remote Mangement Menu, you can permit a user on the Internet in order to assemble, upgrade, and examine the status of your router. Please ensure that the default password of the router is a secured one. You need to Turn On the Remote Management and to do so follow the below steps:

  1. Press the checkbox in order to Turn on the Remote Management.
  2. Then, press the Apply button in order to make the changes.

Bottom Line

We hope this informative content will give you a thorough idea about how to access router remotely. By following the above steps, you can easily access the router from a remote location without any hassle. Moreover, you can refer the user manual to get a quick overview.

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