Know How To Update D-link Router Firmware

Know How To Update D-link Router Firmware

October 1, 2018 ROUTER 0

D-link is one of the preferable routers people use for network connectivity and other communication purposes. However, due to some glitches, handling this router can be annoying at times. Users often ask for solutions regarding how to update D-link router firmware. If you set up your router but didn’t check for the firmware updates, then it may cause a security issue. Otherwise, you will miss the information about the new features of your router. Go through this article to find out about the necessary steps to complete the procedure.

Firmware Update: What And Why?

Firmware plays quite a significant role in many of the electronics devices. It is a program which determines the function and activity of a device. Generally, it can be explained as the background programming that runs the machine.

In some cases, the manufacturer makes changes in the firmware that runs the device. Otherwise, you may need to update the firmware of your router or any other device manually. To avoid various security glitches, you should keep your firmware up to date. Plus, you will get to know about the latest features which will make your router work more efficiently.

Easy Guide To Update D-link Router

If you are wondering how to update D-link router firmware, then your wait is over. You can go through the following steps which will help you to update your D-link router’s firmware. In case you meet with any difficulty while trying the steps, then seek help from our D-link Customer Support desk.

Step 1

First, turn on your router. Then log in to the address that you used at the time of configuring the router. Click on Tool’ and from there select Firmware.

Step 2

Now, you have to click on the Check Now option in the Firmware Information section on the page.

If it shows a This firmware is the latest version message, then don’t think that everything is ok. Many times it shows this message even after the company released the latest versions. It is better if you look for available updates on the internet.

Step 3

Simply, you can download the latest updates online. In the download site, when you visit the product page, you’ll be able to see ‘Firmware’ option on the top right side of the page. Click on that option.

Step 4

A firmware list will appear on your screen. Scroll down the list and search for the latest version of your router’s firmware. You need to make sure, it is newer than the version that you’re still using. Click on the Download option to begin. After downloading is done, save it on your computer.

Step 5

Once the download is complete, go back to your D-link router page and select the option saying Choose File. Now, locate your file and tap Open. After that, click on Upload. Your browser will prompt about backing up your configuration file. If you have a backup, then click OK to continue. Again, select OK for final confirmation.

Likewise, your firmware update will be uploaded to the router, and your D-link router will restart. After restarting, you can log in typing the default username and password. Once you are in, restore the router’s configuration file following the instructions. In this way, you can fix the issue of how to update D-link router firmware.

Avail Professional Help For Further Guidance

If you’re still unable to understand how to update D-link router firmware, then you can contact our Tech Support team. We assure that you will get the proper and exact solutions from us. For further queries, you can contact us through D-link Support number +1-855-817-7794. Our executives are 24×7 available at our helplines.

Feel free to connect with our professionals regarding your issues. To avail of our tech assistance, you can also send email to us at our D-link Support ID [email protected] at any time of the day. We will get in touch with you as early as possible. You can share your problems and issues with our executives through our live chat portal as well. Therefore, go through our site and eliminate all the errors you are facing.

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