How To Test Router Speed: Optimize Your Router Using The Guideline

How To Test Router Speed: Optimize Your Router Using The Guideline

March 1, 2019 ROUTER 0

When it comes to router speed, you need to ensure everything is working fine. When you are watching a movie and consuming a huge amount of data, your WiFi is of the utmost importance. But if it lags a lot and involves a lot of buffering, then you need to perform some easy tests to determine the problem. This article will enlighten you with how to test router speed during performance downtime.

Effective Fixes: Upload and Download Speeds

When you are testing your home WiFi network, you need to take care of the two major requirements, Download Speed and Upload Speed. The former deals with data speed while you are using the home network. Therefore, you need to consider the below things to monitor the Download Speed:

  1. You need to go through the email and then open the attachments.
  2. With the help of a laptop, browse anything on the Internet.
  3. You can stream videos on several services.
  4. Upgrade the software as well as video games to the most recent versions.

Upload speed generally evaluates the inverse of the download speed. It generally measures the rate at which you can transmit data from your network to the others. You can do this to perform the below functions:

  1. Incorporate files to cloud storage devices like GoogleDrive.
  2. Moreover, you can attach certain files to the outgoing emails.
  3. Also, you can transmit a live video stream which includes FaceTime, Periscope, and many more.
  4. It will give you the provision of uploading certain pictures from the phone to several social media platforms. Whenever you are performing a speed test, you will get to know the ping measurement which is nothing but the WiFi’s response time. This is an effective tool for PS4 and Xbox One users. And henceforth, this is an effective guide pertaining to how to fix router speed.

How to Test Wireless Router Speed: Browser Based Speed Tests

The most effective and seamless way to test your WiFi speed is to employ a free browser-based test. Moreover, speed test, as well as other browser apps, generally work based on the downloading and uploading of the small amount of data.


After that, it measures the transfer speed. Performing the test is similar to visiting the site and then you need to press the button. Also, you need to watch the needle to move. Then, you have to go for the upload, download and the ping results.

When to Test: Favourable WiFi Conditions

You are required to make a perfect environment for testing. Before you press the Begin Test button. Else, you are not giving your WiFi a good check.

  1. First, you need to ensure the wireless router is not at all obstructed.
  2. Make sure that no one in the house is using social media platforms or enjoy live streaming videos.
  3. Your device will prioritize the test by shutting all the webpages in the browser and pausing the ongoing downloads.
  4. However, the majority of the testing apps will pinpoint your location as well as the connection time. Once this thing is done, you need to take the speed test quickly. Therefore, in this way, you can easily test the wireless router speed.

How to Check the Connection Between your Computer and Your Router: Troubleshooting the Internet Connection

In order to kickstart, you need to ensure that the internet connection is proper. This troubleshooting method will cover an important point pertaining to how to test router speed, There are several options to connect, such as Ethernet or using the WiFi. If you are inclined using the Ethernet cable, then please ensure the there is a proper cable connection with the device and the modem.


If you are dealing with WiFi, then navigate to the device settings and see the network connection. Moreover, search for an indication which involves connection of the computer to the internet. Therefore, ensure the proper connection is available. You might receive an error message of ‘No internet available’ which signifies the problem is associated with the network. If you want to disconnect the computer from the network and then again reconnecting it can resolve the issue easily.

Bottom Line

We hope this article will give you a brief detail pertaining to how to test the router. Moreover, this article will give you a brief idea pertaining to the test connection speed to the router. By following the above steps you can easily optimize the router side. However, you can refer the user manual for any kind of issues.

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