Learn How To Sync ASUS Router With NTP Server For Updating Network Time On Your System

Learn How To Sync ASUS Router With NTP Server For Updating Network Time On Your System

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How To Sync ASUS Router With NTP ServerHow To Sync ASUS Router With NTP ServerHow To Sync ASUS Router With NTP ServerFor any ASUS router to work properly, it is essential to pay attention to the system time synchronization settings. Somehow, if the clock gets out of sync from the networked device, it can lead to deletion of valuable data from the system.  Hence, maintaining correct timing on your NTP server and syncing it with the PC is very important for the overall network. So, if you are unaware of the importance of synchronization between the ASUS router and Network Time Protocol (NTP), keep reading this content. In this article, you will come across the technical information on how to sync ASUS router with NTP server. You will be also able to understand the role of the system clock and network timing in various operations on your PC and the server.

In case you are doubtful regarding which NTP server to select or how to find the correct link, you can follow this content to know more about it. So, you can go through the step by step instructions for updating the network time on your ASUS router.

Understand How To Sync ASUS Router With NTP Server And Importance Of Network Time Synchronization

Before knowing the importance of syncing NTP server router with the network time on your computer, you must have some concept of NTP time. So, let’s start with the discussion on NTP and its usefulness in operating your ASUS router and PC.

Role Of NTP (Network Time Protocol) In Syncing System Clock

For those who aren’t aware of NTP, it is a kind of protocol that is used exclusively for time synchronization on the network. This is an important aspect of networking, which allows synchronizing the system time of routers, servers, switches, and even PCs from an external source.

Basically, the software algorithm of NTP can update the system clocks on any device using a master time source. Also, it assists other devices connected to your computer to maintain the same timing with network time synchronization feature.

So, NTP utilizes a single time source and synchronizes all the devices connected to a common network. Various PC networks interact with each other due to proper synchronization in system clocks and across all time zones. Hence, the master time has to be as accurate as possible in order to sync all the devices around the globe.

To serve this purpose, NTP networks make use of UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Since, it provides a stable UTC, irrespective of the time zone that the router or PC is actively operating in. So, when you connect a device to such a network using the ASUS router, it tries to update the system time using GPS (Global Positioning System).

However, there are times, when this network setting can interrupt somehow. It can hence, lead the router or other connected devices to go out of sync from the NTP server. So, if this happens on your ASUS router, you can sync the NTP server by following the instructions discussed in the section below.

Steps To Sync Router Time Server With NTP On Your PC

Try the following steps if you want to learn how to sync ASUS router with NTP server. It will help you to update the system time on your computer easily.

  • So, first, open a reliable browser and enter the default IP address of your router on the address bar. For accessing ASUS router’s Control Panel, type or any other address which you have changed recently.
  • Then, under the ‘Advanced Settings’ tab, click on ‘Administration’ and go to the ‘System’ menu. Next, scroll down and find the section for ‘Basic Config’ on the router’s login page. Make sure that the value in the Time Zone field is correctly set on your device.
  • Go to the ‘NTP Server’ box and fill the IP address or domain name of the corresponding time server in your location. In order to sync the NTP server for the router, you need to save these changes by clicking on the ‘Apply’ tab. Finally, restart your ASUS router for these changes in network time to take effect.

Tips To Identify Correct NTP Server For Your ASUS Router

For connecting to a preferable link from your ASUS router, you need to find the accurate NTP server. For this, you can go to the ‘WebHome’ page by accessing the official website of NTP. Then, select the suitable Public NTP server under ‘Finding A Time Server’ section, which syncs with your PC. Next, you need to locate the area from the list of continents and select the exact NTP Server.

Finally, when you open the ASUS router online setup page, you will have to copy the link of NTP Server from the official website. This will help you to set the correct time server for the router when you start browsing sites or transfer any content from your PC to other networks. If you still need more solid information regarding how to sync ASUS router with NTP server, you can consult an expert for detailed instructions.

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