Get To Know Tp-link repeater setup: Easy Steps At Your Fingertips

Get To Know Tp-link repeater setup: Easy Steps At Your Fingertips

March 2, 2019 ROUTER 0

TP-Link wireless router helps in boosting the Wi-Fi signal in those areas where you cannot get the main Wi-Fi Signal. Tp-Link Wi-Fi range extender helps in spreading the Wi-Fi signal on different areas of your home network. The internet service provider comes with a basic home wifi router which doesn’t provide perfect signal strength on every corner of the room. However, due to poor Wi-Fi connectivity, the internet speed will get affected to a large extent. Therefore, in order to keep a high signal strength on each and every room and office premises, the Wi-Fi range extender is an indispensable choice. Therefore, go through this informative blog to get a thorough idea about the TP-Link repeater setup process as well as a configuration using three basic methods.

Know tp link wa801nd repeater setup Using 3 basic methods

You can configure TP-Link Universal Repeater using 3 basic methods

TP-Link Repeater Setup using WPS button

WPS button is nothing but a Wi-Fi encrypted setup button used for the connection of an access point with the help of WPS pin as well as the button. Follow the below steps for the successful TP-Link Repeater Setup

  1. Firstly, you need to connect the plug device to the power socket.
  2. Then press the WPS button in the TP-Link repeater and also press the same in the Main Internet WiFi Router.
  3. Wait for 5 seconds. Wifi Router will automatically connect with your internal router.
  4. Press the WiFi router and Repeater WPS button in order to link each other.

TP-Link Repeater Configuration using Web Browser

This method requires the use of a PC or mobile device. You should connect your TP-Link Universal Router to the host wifi router.

  1. You need to connect the TP-Link Router to the WiFi using Laptop.
  2. After connecting, you have to open the web browser and then open TP-LInk TL WA801ND default IP. You can view the below IP address.

TP-Link Repeater Default IP-

  1. Since you are using for the first time, there is no set password for TP-Link Repeater Login. You need to create the password for the repeater device.

Connecting the Repeater Device to the Main Host WiFi Router

You will receive all the WiFi name running on the location. Then choose the main internet wifi name and write the password in order to connect to the WiFi from the repeater. After that, press the Next button after providing the password.

Setting Up Name For Repeater WiFi name

This process is also applicable for  setup Tp-link router as repeater:

  1. You will receive an option where you have to type the WiFi name for your Repeater SSID as well as password.
  2. Write the repeater Wi-Fi name in that box entitled Extended 2.5GHz SSID.
  3. Then you need to confirm the Repeater Setting and then Extended WiFi name. After that, press the Save button.
  4. Then press the finish button in order to perform a close setup.
  5. Move ahead connecting your mobile device from the extended network name and enjoy hassle-free internet service at all locations.

How To Setup TP-Link Router as Repeater using Teather Apps

TP-Link teather apps are available in both Android as well as iPhone Devices.

  1. After downloading the app, please connect your mobile to TP-Link Extender default wifi name.
  2. Then open the Teather apps.
  3. You need to follow the basic guidelines provided. After that, you can connect the TP-Link Router to the original router.

How To Setup TP-Link Router: Know the Alternative Ways

Factory Default TP-Link 300 Mbps Range Extender using Reset Button

In order to make TP LInk range extender to default, you need to use the reset button present on TP-Link WiFi signal booster device. Apart from this, TP-Link Range Extender can be easily accessible with the help of the default IP. Also, tap the reset button for 3-5 seconds. Then the repeater will reboot automatically and henceforth factory reset gets over.

Positioning Of WiFi Repeater To Provide Proper Signal Everywhere

TP-Link repeater setup is incomplete when the WiFi repeater is not positioned properly. This is a very crucial setup in order to receive proper signal in every nook and corner of your house. Before fixing the WifI Repeater you should know where to place Wi-Fi Range Extender. WiFi repeater placement must be at that place where at least 50% signal is received from the main router. Henceforth, select a location equidistant from the internet modem and other areas where you get the signal issue. You can also use the same process for TP-Link WA801ND repeater setup. Moreover, the WiFi Repeater placement is done on the basis of WiFi repeater signal strength. Henceforth, always use a prime location where it is easily accessible from the main router signal. You need to insert the repeater at the location without any hindrance such as a wall, cupboard etc.

To Sum It Up…

Hopefully, this informative post will help you with the proper guideline of TP-Link repeater setup. By following the above installation methodology, you can easily set up the TP-Link router anywhere in the home network. Also, take into account the additional parameters provided in this article for a successful setup. Furthermore, refer the user manual for any urgent issues.


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