An Advanced Guide to Complete Your Netgear EX3700 Setup without any Hassle

An Advanced Guide to Complete Your Netgear EX3700 Setup without any Hassle

March 2, 2019 ROUTER 0

Netgear is widely known in the market for providing advanced high-performance technologies. Even though Netgear produces different kinds of routing devices such as wire and wireless devices, Ethernet and powerline but its mainly popular among the consumer because of their wireless product. Over the year Netgear comes up with new innovative ideas for their wireless product which leaves their competitor’s and consumers’ jaw open. Netgear  EX3700 is one of those products which gain a huge amount of popularity at the moment it got released in the market.

Netgear  EX3700 setup is a little bit different from the previous WiFi extender model. That’s why even the old customer of Netgear is also facing problem during the setup of this WiFi extender; leaving them apart from getting the taste of amazing features of the product. That’s why today we are here to provide you the complete guide to set up your new WiFi Extender with few straightforward steps. So let’s check them out to resolve the problem of how to setup Netgear  EX3700.

Know the Effective Netgear  EX3700 Setup Process:


Netgear  EX3700 Setup sure is long but not complicated. With proper guidance, even a new user can connect EX3700 with his existing wireless network to extend its connection. In this guide, the steps mentioned is as simple as possible to make it acceptable for every user. So please follow the below mention step carefully to avoid any further mistake.

Connect with the Power Supply

At first, you have to plug in the device into a standard power outlet. Make sure that your plugin the device in the same room of your primary router. Otherwise, you might face problem to connect with the primary router at the beginning. But after the setup procedure, you are free to choose the location for your extender, as long as it is within the range of the main wireless network.

Reset the Netgear  EX3700 (If the device is Purchased From Another User)

If you have purchased a second-hand router from another user or website then your next step will be Reset the device. In case the seller did not clear out their customization in the settings. Then using the reset button you can undo the customization and get back to the factory setting mode. But If you have purchased a brand new product then skip to the next step.

Now getting back to reset procedure, locate the RESET button on the left side of the unit, then press and hold it for 10 seconds. To confirm the rebooting process you have to look in the indicator lights of the device. If you see the light is blinking in yellow color then you can rest assure that the reboot process is in progress. The rebooting process will be finished when the indicator light changes its color to green. So once you see the green light you can jump to the next step.

Log into the Netgear  Extender Setup Website

Now your next step will be scan for the “Netgear _EXT” wireless network with your mobile or computer (Recommended) device. This access point will be only active during the setup and go away once you have completed the setup. When you found the network, connect with it and open the Netgear extender setup website (Netgear ® Genie® interface). Usually, the setup website opens automatically upon connecting but if that not happened in your case then don’t panic. Open any browser from the device and type “” in the search bar to manually land in the setup page. When the Netgear  Extender Setup Website opens, simply click the New Extender Setup option to proceed to the next step.

Provide New Account Information

Upon entering the New Extender Setup wizard you will see a usual Create Account page. Here you have to put details of your email address, new account password, password confirmation and answer two security question. After providing the proper information click the Next button and choose the WiFi Extender option from the new window to use Netgear  EX3700 as an extender. You will also get an option to use it as an Access point but we are not going to include the WAP option in this article. So lets process to the next step with the Wi-Fi Extender option.

Set WiFi Range Extend Option

Once you land to the new window, Netgear  EX3700 will automatically scan for both available 2.4GHz and 5GHz connection to extend their range. After a short while, EX3700 will locate all the available connecting and ask you to choose the wireless network you’d like to extend from the list. For information, you will get the option to scan 2.4Ghz WiFi network, 5Ghz WiFi networks or both at the same time. So check the boxes beside the network’s type to get the desired result. After marking the connections you want to extend tap the Next Button.

In the new window, you have to provide a password of the respected wireless network and press the Next button to advance to the next step.

Connect with the Primary Router

In the new window, you will see “Setting up a connection between the extender and your existing router. Please Wait” notification, so wait patiently and let the device do its jobs. If everything goes right, after a short pause, your EX3700 will successfully connect to the primary wireless networks and extend its range. Next, Netgear will prompt a new window where you will get an option to change the name and password for the new extended network or process with the same details. If you chose to process with the same information then Netgear will make slight additions in the networks’ name by default. For example, an extended network of 2.4GHz will get a “_2GEXT” string appended to it and the 5 GHz extended network will have “_5GEXT” string added to it.

Closing Setups

After making changes in the extension network press the Next button to open the info page. Here you will see a few information of the extender network such as Network name (SSID), Security type and network key(password). After confirming/noting down the information press Continue button to close the Netgear interface.

When the Netgear  EX3700 setup is complete, unplug the device and relocate it in your desired location( Within the Primary router range). After plugin to the new location, it will reboot for another time and then automatically establishes a connection with the primary network. Now you are completely set to connect your mobile and computer with the extended network connection and enjoy the high-speed data from anywhere of your house.

Wrapping Up

We hope our method able to solve your query about how to setup Netgear  EX3700 with your primary router. If you are still not able to properly set up the device then we will advise you to redo the whole process once again in case you made a mistake during the procedure. Also, you can look at your user manual to get the official setup guide for your range extender. Otherwise, the best option for you will take the help of a professional for better throughout guidance.

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