Quick And Easy Steps for Linksys WRT160N Setup

Quick And Easy Steps for Linksys WRT160N Setup

March 3, 2019 ROUTER 0

Linksys WRT160N is one of the most popular among the list of router models. For its exceptional performance, it is being widely used by lots of people across the globe. This router model of Linksys is featured with the latest and exclusive technologies that add a lot of conveniences. In this advanced world, routers are one of the foremost peripheral to connect several devices to access the internet.


However, you may fetch some technical issues regarding the Linksys WRT160N Setup. In this article, we have mentioned some easy steps on Setup Linksys router WRT160N. So, here, we will let you know about the simple step-by-step instructions to go ahead with the process in just a few minutes.  


Check Out Some Easy Steps to Configure Linksys WRT160N Router:

Know some easy and useful steps to set up the Linksys WRT160N router and enjoy flawless internet connection. Go through the following section for the simple steps to configure your router effectively. The steps are as follows:


Step 1:

At first, you need to connect your router with the system through an Ethernet cable. After that, you need to turn on your router and connect to it. Now, go to the Web browser. In this case, you can use any web browser as per your choice (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.). Open the address bar in the web browser. Now, you need to enter the default IP address of your router in the address bar.


Step 2:

Now, you need to enter the required information about your router. If this is the first time that you are configuring your Linksys WRT160N router then, you will be claimed for the login credentials. You need to enter the “admin” for the password of your router and leave the username blank.   


Step 3:

Now, this is the step for basic setup. If you are unsure regarding the IP address of your router then, leave it as the default.


If you are using the Cable broadband then, you also might need to clone the Mac address. You just need to follow some steps to do so. At first, you need to go to the “Mac address clone” option. After that, select the “Enable” option. Now, you need to tap on the “Clone my computers Mac” button.


Step 4:  

Now, you will get the configuration page. The configuration has two different options. One is the manual option and another is the WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) option. Here, we described the steps for the manual option to configure your router appropriately.

At first, give a name to your network or SSID. Whenever the user will try to connect your router then, this is the name that the user will see. Therefore, you need to use a name for your router which does not identify your family or you.  

Once it is done, you need to set the channel width to 20 MHz only. After that, disable your SSID broadcast except you have a requirement to display the network. After completing all the process, you need to select the “Save Settings” options to save the changes.  

Step 5:

It is very important and crucial to select a strong and effective encryption method for your device. There are several types of encryption method that you can get. But, it is advised to select the WPA2 Personal encryption method for your router.

You can choose the passphrase with the help of this encryption method. A passphrase of 22 characters is justified (characters along with the spaces).

If you are not facing any transmission or signal issues then, the advanced security link can be neglected. In this window, you will get a Help feature of the router. However,  It is advised that you must follow and understand all the info before performing any changes to the scheduled defaults.

Step 6:

You may get various types of options that grant you to restrict access. If you want to restrict access of a computer then, you need to add the computer in a particular list of devices.

Add the computer along with the IP address of the system which will be restricted by tapping on the “Edit List”. Now, you need to tick on the checkboxes to select hour or day as per your requirement and choice. You may need to block some particular apps for advanced users. Such as POP3 and Telnet.     

Step 7:

If you use the internet for applications requiring port forwarding then, this step should be done. To forward a specific port, enter it in the internal port and the external port. Once the forwarding process is done, tap on the Save button.       

Step 8:

Lastly, you need to check your router, is that properly set up or not.


Final Words:

Here, we have discussed the most practical and useful steps which can help you a lot to configure the Linksys WRT160N router. Moreover, this article covers the effective guidelines on how to setup Linksys WRT160N router. However, you do not require any extra technical knowledge or skills to perform the steps stated above. In case, you face any confusion or trouble while executing the above-mentioned steps, please let us know in the comment section below.

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