A Comprehensive Guide on How to Setup Linksys Router Wrt54g

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Setup Linksys Router Wrt54g

March 1, 2019 ROUTER 0

The Linksys wrt54g can easily be set up by using an access point, the wireless bridge as well as a wireless repeater. It might happen that wireless repeater mode can turn the access point into a wireless repeater in order to stretch the signal range. The Linksys Wrt54g setup can be done through two methods. At first, a basic hardware setup is done and to know the next steps, you have to follow this article. Here, you need to connect all the cables so that the wired connection is up and running. With the help of the router’s web interface, you need to establish the Wi-Fi. It enables the wireless internet for both laptops as well as mobile devices.


Hardware Setup


Connect the Ethernet cable from your cable or DSL modem inside the internet port on the router. You need to connect one or more computers to the Ethernet ports on the router. All four ports should be connected accordingly. Then, you can connect the router’s power adapter and after that, you have to wait for sometime till the system starts. Now, there is internet connectivity on wired computers.

Know How To Setup Linksys Router Wrt54g


You need to visit the particular web address in any web browser on a computer connected to the router. Then, log in to the password admin without writing the name. If it doesn’t work, provide the admin name in both the user name as well as password fields. Below is the step-by-step guide for how to setup Linksys Wrt54g:

Start the Wireless tab in the Router’s Setup Interface


Start by choosing a name for your wireless network. Everyone within the selective range can access the name. Henceforth, don’t include private information. Don’t fill the remaining options. Then, press Save settings and after that, click on Continue.

How Can You Find Security Key for Internet Network


For Linksys wrt54g setup, it is important to find the PIN numbers as well as other security codes. Just follow the below steps to do so:


  1. Connect the wireless router to the computer with the help of hard-wired connection using the Ethernet cable.
  2. Press the Windows Start button. Then, write cmd command in the search field.
  3. Thereafter, click on Enter.
  4. Write “ipconfig/all” in the command prompt.
  5. Then, open Internet Explorer. After that, write the default gate in the address bar search option.
  6. You will get a username and password to access the router administration console.
  7. Common usernames contain admin or administrator and passwords contains admin or password.
  8. However, since different manufacturers use separate credentials, you need to reach out to the support for proper username and password.
  9. Provide username and password and then press OK.
  10. You will see the user interface. Search for an entry in order to get the security key or passphrase. This information is available under wireless security settings.

How You Can Modify the Name of a Wireless Network?


In order to set up wireless router Linksys Wrt54g, a unique name makes it faster for you to find the router when you are in online mode. Most importantly, this happens in some areas where there are many hotspots. With the help of the router’s admin panel, you can modify the name of the wireless network anytime. A WiFi Network name is termed as service set identifier or SSID. It is usually case-sensitive and can accommodate letters up to 32, but can’t incorporate spaces. Follow the below steps to perform that:

  1. First, you need to find the internal IP address.
  2. Then, write the router’s IP address into the address browser of the Internet browser.
  3. After that, click on Enter in order to open a page with the help of the router’s control panel.
  4. Provide router’s admin username and password as and when required. However, if you don’t find these credentials, you need to browse the manufacturer’s website. Moreover, in most cases, you will see that the default username is admin and password region is blank.
  5. Find the Wireless Link present on the page.
  6. You need to open the network settings for every Wi-Fi device. Then, select the new network name in order to connect to the router.

To Sum It Up

Performing the Linksys Wrt54g setup may sometimes happen to be a difficult task. But after reading this article, you will get the know-how about different steps involved in the Linksys router setup process. Henceforth, follow this user guide and enroute the new journey of Linksys Wrt54g.

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