Avail an Advanced Guide for Linksys RE4100W Setup

Avail an Advanced Guide for Linksys RE4100W Setup

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Linksys RE4100W is a Dual-Band wireless range extender. It allows you to repeat the wireless signal of any access point or router in order to extend the coverage of your existing wireless network and eliminate WiFi dead spot. The unique features of this router have the capability to operate on the frequency of 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz. Linksys RE4100W also comes with an audio port to connect with a set of powered speakers which allows you to use it as a music playback device.

Now the common problem with the Linksys RE4100W is, people are getting various kind of issues after setting up the extender in their premises, even though the device itself does not have any technical issue. So what can cause the problem? The only possible reason for these problems can be following the wrong setup method. That’s why today we are going to guide you with the most straightforward method of Linksys RE4100W setup to avoid making any further mistake in the process.

Few Problems Which Can Cause for Wrong Router Positioning and Setup

Connecting Linksys extender RE4100W with your primary router can be beneficial for the user in more than one way. That’s why it is important to make the setup process perfect to avoid the basic problem like Security issues or Connectivity issue. If you wonder how security or connectivity issue can cause by the wrong setup then here is the small summary of it. Please take a look below:

Unable to Connect with the Primary Router  

In most of the cases, the user makes the mistake at the very beginning, even before starting the setup process. They try to build the whole setup from the border of the primary router’s range which causes the unstable connection problem between the RE4100W and the primary router. Linksys developers always recommend to build the setup at the same room of the primary router and relocate it after completing the whole configuration.

Speed Issue

Another common mistake that a user generally does is that they choose the final position of the extender in a place where Linksys RE4100W will not get a stable connection from the router. Due to the unstable connection from the primary device, the extender is also not able to perform at its full potential which ultimately causes the slow internet problem from the extended network.

Security and IP Address Issue

During the Linksys RE4100W setup user gradually see a page where they have to configure the security and IP setting of their extended network. In that page user also gets a few extra options to do some additional settings to match there liking. As long as the user stays in the basic security and ip address setup page usually people don’t make mistake. But the moment they go for advance setup without the proper guidance and knowledge, various problem-related to the security of the connection, invalid password and ip address start occuring.

There are various more problems available for not following proper setup guide but that’s not our main topic. So without making further delay lets jump to the main topic how to setup Linksys RE4100W

Step-by-Step Guidance for Linksys RE4100W Range Extender Setup

Linksys RE4100W setup surely is a time-consuming process but it is not as complicated as you think. With proper guidance, anyone can connect it with the existing wireless network. We try to make the whole procedure as simple as possible so that every user can implement it. So please follow the whole step carefully to avoid making further mistakes.

Step 1: Connection With Power Outlet

At first, you have to place your range extender near the primary router and make sure that it’s getting a stable WiFi connection from the router. Otherwise, if the network gets disconnected in the middle of the configuration then it can cause minor or major error problems. For precaution, you can use a mobile or laptop to check the WiFi connectivity. After confirming the connection you have to plug in the device with a power outlet. Now, wait for a few minutes until the indicator light show a solid green color.

For the user’s knowledge, we provide a few information about the indicator light. The indicator light will keep you up to date about the connection status and ongoing procedure of the device in the whole setup process.

  • Blinking Green: Range Extender is Booting up/ Resetting to factory defaults/ Upgrading firmware
  • Solid Green: Ready To Use
  • Solid Amber: Weak connection with the router
  • Blinking Amber: Not connected to the router or there is some problem in the device


Step  2: Connect to the Range Extender

Once your extender is ready, use a computer or mobile to search and connect with the Linksys Extender Setup signal. This signal is only visible during the Linksys RE4100W setup and will disappear once you complete the whole configuration. After connecting with the signal you will be automatically landed to the Linksys setup page. If you are not able to enter the setup page automatically then open any browser from your computer or mobile and type http://extender.Linksys.com to enter the setup page manually.

Step 3: Connect With Primary Router

Once you enter to the extender’s setting interface you will see Welcome to RE4100W window. Here you have to choose your preferred language to proceed to the next step and then press the Start button. Next, you will see a License Agreement page, read it and press I agree to open the next window. Once the new window open RE4100W will automatically search for the available connection, so wait till it locates the connection. After it shows the available list of connection, choose the network which you want to extend. Now, you will be asked to enter the password of the primary router so enter it to complete the connection with the primary router. Linksys RE4100W have the capability of connecting with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz connection so you are free to extend the range of any type of connection.

Step 4: Few Set Up of Extended Wireless Network

When you are done connecting with the primary WiFi, you will be able to land to a new setting page. Here, set separate Network name, Security mode, and Password for the 2.4GHz extended network and 5GHz extended network. If you decide to not change the name and password of the extended wireless connection then your device will automatically add a few words in the network name by default. For example, if your 5GHz network name is  Linksys WRT 1900 AC then the device will set the name as Linksys WRT 1900 AC_5GHz_Ext. But it will not make any changes in the password or security type. Once you are done press Next button to proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Create an Administrator Password

In the next page, you have to choose an administrator password for your Linksys RE4100W. Administration password is very important for your extender device because whenever you try to change a setting in it; you will be asked to provide the administration password to apply the changes. Which mean no one will be able to enter in the RE4100W without your knowledge. It will work as the first line of defense against the hacking.

That’s why make sure you choose a unique administration password for your device. Once you create an admin password, press on the Save button. Post that, a confirmation page will open. Here you will be able to see all the information you set on your extender like name, password, account type and administration password many others think about the extender.  If you want the details, then you can take a hardcopy of the page with the Print this option.

Step 6: Few Touch Up

When the Linksys extender setup RE4100W is complete, unplug the device and relocate it in your desired location( Within the Primary router range). After plugin to the new location, it will reboot for another time. When it’s done, RE4100W will automatically establish a connection with the primary network. Now you will be able to enjoy the high speed from anywhere of the building.

Wrapping Up

We hope our method able to properly guide you to complete Linksys extender setup RE4100W. But if you are still facing setup problem after following our guide, then we will highly recommend getting in touch with an expert for better guidance.

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