Avail Amazing Guide on Linksys ea8500 Setup

Avail Amazing Guide on Linksys ea8500 Setup

February 23, 2019 ROUTER 0

Linksys is a well-known brand in our technical market which markets data networking appliances mainly to small companies and home users. Its hardware products cover routers (wired and wireless), VoIP equipment, Ethernet switches, audiovisual products, wireless video cameras, and as well as web storage systems.

There are different models of Linksys routers. But Linksys EA8500 wireless router holds its position because of its exceptional Wi-Fi connectivity. Wireless network or simply Wi-Fi can help you to connect several devices to the router, like smartphones, smart televisions, and as well as wireless printers. Hence, if you want to know the procedure of Linksys ea8500 Setup, then you need to go through the below article. In this article, we are going to discuss how to install Linksys ea8500. Therefore, you need to perform the below steps and your issues that are related to the configuration will get resolved in a very short time.


Know How to Setup Linksys ea8500 With Effective Techniques:


The basic configuration of a router is not so easy, it involves multiple procedures like the configuration of the hostname, IP address, banner, secret passwords, etc. If you want to set up and configure your Linksys ea8500 router, then this article is exclusively for you as here you will learn two methods on how to configure the Linksys ea8500 hassle-free.  


Method 1:


Perform the below steps to know the setup procedure of Linksys ea8500.


Step 1:


At first, you need to connect the wires with the router. Then, plug in it with the power supply. Now, you have to switch on the power supply to turn on your router.


Step 2:


After that, attach the ethernet cable with the router. Now, look at the back side of the router, where you will get to see a yellow port. Then, you have to attach the cable to the yellow port from the modem. Now, wait for sometime until the power indicator on the router becomes stable.


Step 3:


Now, you need to use the wireless name of the router. You can find the name of the wireless router on the Quick Start Guide which comes with the router. Then, using the secure name of the wireless router, you need to connect it. You can even change it later. Thereafter, you need to choose the option to connect the router with the network automatically in the future. When you have entirely completed the router setup procedure, then you can access the internet.


Step 4:


For the setup instructions of the Linksys wireless router, you need to open the web browser. If you don’t find any instructions over there,  then you need to visit the official website of the Linksys wireless router.


Step 5:


Now you have to fill the required field and then, perform the actions as per the on-screen instructions until you stand at the last step of this process.


After completing the Linksys ea8500 setup, you need to create the Linksys Smart wireless account by performing the instructions which are displayed on the screen. Linksys Smart Wireless is used to control the settings of the router, such as:

  • To change the password and name of the router.
  • To set up the guest access. This setup creates different network access for the guests without immediate access to the principal network. So, you can set as well as limits the access options for the user of the Guest Network.
  • Configure the parental control. It allows the parents of the users to control the accessibility of the internet for their children. In addition, it also helps them to limit access time on the Internet.
  • Connect gadgets like smartphones, laptops, printers and so many more to the internet.
  • Test the speed of the Internet connection.

Method 2:


If the above procedure doesn’t work properly, then you can choose another procedure mentioned below to set up the Linksys ea8500.


Terms of the Wireless Router:


Before going to start the setup procedure, you need to learn some basic information that is related to the Linksys ea8500 Setup. So, go through the below points:


  • Wi-Fi Name


The wireless network must have a unique name which others can identify from the other broadcast networks. Hence, if you forget the wireless name, then you need to find it from the Quick Guide.  


  • Wireless Password



A vital part to secure the wireless network is to select a safe and as well as a strong password.



  • Wireless Channel


Choosing a WiFi channel is not an easy task. Hence, before making your choice, you need to make sure that you understand the Wi-Fi channels.



  • Encryption


You need to pick WPA2 for the encryption of your wireless network. When you are doubtful, then you need to be sure to read the WEP vs WPA guide very carefully.


Find the Wireless Settings:


When you have logged in to the Linksys EA8500 wireless router, then you can see the Home screen. To change the settings of the wireless router, at first, hit on the Wireless option. You will find the Wireless option at the left sidebar of the display.


Change the Setting of the Wireless Network:


After clicking on the wireless option, you will find two separate network options on that window. You can use either 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz. If you use the Internet from any apartment or pretty close to the neighbors, then you need to use the 5 GHz. The signal will be extremely weaker but still, there will be the availability of several channels. On the other side, if you live in a rural area, then you need to use the 2.4 GHz. There are fewer channels to pick from, but the signal will be enough stronger and also has a great range. After doing this, follow the below procedures:

  • Now, you need to enter the Network name and as well as the password.
  • At the right side, you will find the Broadcast SSID, which is not a safety measure. Whether the network name is hidden or not, it can be seen. So it’s advised to not to rely on the unknown name. So, you have to leave this setting.
  • After that, you have to select the channels. When you use the 2.4 GHz network, then you should select the 11,6 or 1 channels.  
  • Thereafter, click on the Security mode. There you can find the WPA2 Personal option. You just need to hit on it.
  • Now, click on the Apply button at the right-lower corner of the screen.

After performing these steps to your wireless router, now you need to reconnect the previously connected devices back to it.


In the above discussion, we have mentioned two possible Linksys ea8500 Setup procedure, following which you can seamlessly set up and configure your Linksys router. We hope, it will help you to set up the router with your preferable devices. But in case, you encounter any problem, you can grab assistance from an expert.

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