DLink Router Setup: Easy Tricks At Your Fingertips

DLink Router Setup: Easy Tricks At Your Fingertips

February 28, 2019 ROUTER 0

In this fast pacing world of digitalization, routers and modems are much in use. In this article, we shall discuss one such router, which is also much in use these days. Yes, we are talking about the DLink Router. There must be many of you who have seen, use or planning to buy one of these routers. However, you might land up into trouble setting it up if you are not thoroughly conversant with the process of setting up the router in question. That’s the issue we take up in this article. Therefore, we intend to discuss at length all about DLink router setup. Additionally, we also offer you a proactive guideline to go about the process without many hacks.

Brief Overview of the Situation

So, just in case you have got yourself a DLink router, you might find the process of setting up the router a little complicated initially. However, there’s is nothing much for you to worry as it is not as complicated as it seems. Therefore, if you are not that much tech-savvy as a person, here lies the solution to your problems. Once you go through this article, your worries would be over. In this article, we offer you the simplest procedures for setting up an configuration of your DLink router.

So, shed away all your worries and doubts and read the article thoroughly learn all about “how to set up DLink routers?”

Things To Remember:

Before we proceed further, let us first look into some of the essential things for you to remember.

In case you are using PPPoE connection, then in order to set up your router, you will have to put in your PPPoE password as well as username.

On the other hand, those of you who are using the cable, you must ensure that you unplug the power connection of your modem. And please note that this might take you some time.

And now for those who use the router/ modem combo, you will have to set your modem to the bridge mode for your DLink router to function effectively.

Some Easy Hacks for the DLink router Setup

If so long you have toiled over the process of DLink router setup in vain, don’t be dejected. Your worries are now over. In this section, we are going to offer you detailed guidelines to go about the process. And we assure you that the strategies we offer shall prove immensely effective for you. So, without any further ado, let us  begin

Before we go on with the detailed guidelines, it is important for you to note that in order to set up a router, you must ensure that your router is connected to your modem. And once you do that, you must switch on your computer and launch the Setup Wizard. The process of running the Setup Wizard may differ according to your network connection type. Once this is done, you can be through with the rest of the procedures. Simply follow the instructions we have cited below:

Procedure 1: Attach your router to the modem

First and foremost you need to connect your router to your adaptor, once you do this, you must connect the Ethernet cable to the internet port or the WAN. You must connect your cable to your router as well as your modem. And just in case you are availing a DLink DSL 2640T, then it features an inbuilt modem.  Once you have successfully connected your router, hold your patience for some time and wait for the WAN to turn on.

Procedure 2: Connect your PC with your router

In case your’s is a wired router, then you may connect both the sides of your Ethernet cable to your computer as well as DLink Router. You do this, make sure that your WAN  is connected to your modem.

On the other hand, if yours is a wireless router, then you may have multiple networks available. All you are required to do is tap on the Network button, situated on the System Tray. On completion of the above step, you need to choose your preferred network by means of clicking on “Connect”. On that note, the default network is “Dlink”, followed by a couple of digits. After you have chosen your network, you must feed in your password. Please note that you can derive your preferred network as well as the password form the Configuration Card, packaged with your router. You must make use of these details to and configure Dlink router

On the completion of the procedures cited above, you should be able to setup the DLink router successfully. However, this is only midway through the process as you are yet to configure the DLink router. Now, if you are wondering how to configure the DLink router, fear not! The process is quite simple. Follow the instructions given below

Know “how to configure the DLink router?”

In order to configure the DLink router, you need to first access the web browser and activate it. Once you initialize it, you will have to feed in the router address in the specified address bar. Once done you must type in your username as well as a password in the specified area and press on the OK button thereafter. In most cases the username for the configuration process of the router is Admin. However, this might vary in some cases. The same goes with the password. In case your’s is router model 26402, then it is most likely that the password is going to be Admin. However, in many other DLink  models, the password might as well be “Password”,

Once you have inserted the username and password, you must run the Setup Wizard in order to configure the DLink router. All you need to do is tap on the “Run Wizard” option or on “Next”. The moment you do this the router will automatically choose most of thee settings by default to derive the connection type. And then, it asks for certain details for the configuration process to complete fully.

All you must do is choose the connection type as per your choice. The instructions that follow would vary according to the type of connections you choose. Follow the instructions accordingly to complete the configuration process successfully.

Steps to Follow for Wireless Routers

If yours is a wireless network then use a local network name of your choice and put in your own password. Ensure that the network name should be such that you remember it and the password to is also strong enough. After this press on the” Next” button.

Once this is done, you are to select your timezone from the menu and press on the” Next” button for the completion of the setup process. After you finish the entire process, simply tap on the Save option. Or you may also press on the Restart icon located on the Setup Screen. The moment you do this, the router will restart allowing you to connect your PC with your wireless network. That’s it and you are done.


Thus, with the guidelines we offered, setting up your DLink router and configuring it will be no more than a child’s play to you. And just in case you are too nervous to carry out the instructions all by yourself, we assure you that they are extremely easy to perform. We do care for your convenience and have, therefore, offered the easiest of workarounds that are at once easy-going and effective. So, what is holding you back still? Try out the procedures right away and check it out for yourself.

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