Cisco Router Setup | Complete Steps

Cisco Router Setup | Complete Steps

January 18, 2019 ROUTER 0

Cisco is one of the popular names in terms of router products. To get your system connected with the Cisco router, at first, you need to learn some of the basic steps, which you will get from this article. This article provides you with the complete process of the Cisco router setup. After studying this article till the end, you will be able to do this process without taking help from others. So let us proceed to the sections below to learn how to setup Cisco router.

How To Set Up Cisco Router?

Before starting the setup process of Cisco router, at first, place it properly. Placing the router at a proper location plays a key role in the internet speed. Some of the things which you need to check to get the best location for installing the Cisco router are as follows.

  • A switchboard must be placed near to it so that the power can be supplied to it.
  • The distance between the system and the router must not be huge.
  • It is better to place the Cisco router in such a location, that no disturbance can happen to it. Because a disturbance in the wire connections can bitter your user experience.

After keeping all these conditions in mind, locate the Cisco router properly and next proceed to the below sections to learn the process of Cisco router setup.

The process of setting up the Cisco router is easy, but you need to have a sufficient amount of time to follow it.

Step One Of Three: Join The Router With Your System

After placing the Cisco router properly, connect it with the PC with the help of the console cable. And then, start the terminal emulator program.

Step Two Of Three: Open A Browser To Get Into Cisco Router Login Page

After connecting the router with the computer device, go to the browser and open it. Next, on its address bar, type the IP address of your Cisco router. You will get the IP address from the backside of the router. The IP address is generally written over a sticker at the backside of your Cisco router. If you do not find the IP address there, then proceed to the section below to know how to find it. After getting the IP address, place it on the address bar of the browser and hit on the Enter button, this will open the login page of the Cisco router.

How To Get The IP Address Manually?

To do this, first of all, open the Command Prompt. Mentioned below are two processes to open the Command Prompt window.

Process One: Tap the Windows button to activate the Search bar and then type ‘cmd’ on it. On doing this, at the top search result, you will get the cmd/ command prompt option, click on it. Now, you will see the Command Prompt window on the screen.

Process Two: Alternatively, press the Windows button and the R key, together from your keyboard. This will open the Run command bar window, at the bottom left corner. Next, type cmd on it and hit the Enter button. Now, you will get the black Command Prompt window open.

After that, on this opening Command Prompt window type ipconfig and press the Enter button. Next, check the loading portion of this Command Prompt window and navigate to the Default Gateway section. The number beside to the Default Gateway section is the IP address which is needed to open the login page of the Cisco router. Note this number into a notepad or by any other means.

Step Three Of Three: Enter The Required Details (Username & Password)

Now, as the login page gets open, provide all the details that is required, i.e., the Username and Password. After that, click on Sign in to get into the Cisco router setup page. If you have ever changed the details then, use those only to get into the Setup page. Otherwise, try the default details to perform this task.

The default username is “admin” and password is also “admin”.

Additional Information:

If you are getting any trouble to get into the Cisco router setup page with your details, then, reset the router. After resetting the Cisco router, you need to use the default username and password to make further changes. As said earlier, the default username and password for the Cisco router is admin for both the cases.

Password: admin

Method To Hard Reset To Get Back Into The Cisco Router Setup Page

If you have ever changed the details (Username and password) of your Cisco router and forget it, then the process below is very helpful to perform the hard reset. After applying this method, you can get back to the Cisco router setup page using the default details.

To do this, connect the router to the power source and then locate the reset button of it. It is generally located at the back portion of the Cisco router, but it may differ, depending upon the router model. After finding the Reset button, press it with a thin pin, which can be inserted into it. Press and hold the reset button near about 30 seconds. On doing this, you will find that the power and other indicating lights start blinking, and it indicates that the resetting process has initiated. Now, wait until all the router LEDs become stable. After that, power off the router and wait for a few minutes. Next, proceed to setup process from the beginning and hopefully, you can get into the Cisco router setup page without any issue this time.

Hope, the article helps you to get on to the Cisco router login page without any hitches.

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