How to Connect Router to Router: A Complete Guide for Beginners

How to Connect Router to Router: A Complete Guide for Beginners

February 21, 2019 ROUTER 0

Dual-router Setup is one of the latest features of the advanced router. Adding a second router with the main one will not only improve the range of the connection but also unlock some extra beneficial features for the users. It includes support of multiple frequencies, easily compatible with every kind of wireless device, provides more solution for the signal interface, etc. In addition to this, it also increases the maximum number of connection that your internet can handle. That’s why all the latest routers come with the option to create multiple access points on a single network and name.

If you are new to the dual-router setup term and trying to find a simple guideline to set your second router with the primary one, then follow this article. It will provide you with the easiest ways to connect one router with another by using an Ethernet. But you can also do the dual router setup with the wireless method. In this article, we decide to provide the guide only for the Ethernet user because it’s easy to understand even for the first time router user.

Proven Ways to Set Up a Second Router With the Help of Ethernet:

Before starting anything else, you have to choose your primary router carefully. The primary router going to be medium to connect with the dedicated modern or wall outlet. So selecting a fully featured router as a base will be idle for your Dual Router Setup. Then, you have to select the secondary router which will extend the range and power of the original network. Now, you have to decide which type of connection do you want to set LAN to LAN or LAN to WAN. Both of this connection can be set up by the Ethernet cable.

  • In LAN to WAN connection, a secondary network is created in the main network, which allows you to place restrictions on any device connected to it but not allow you to share files.
  • LAN to LAN connection is specially used to extend the Wifi range and for sharing files between the connected network.

1) Initial Router Setup

Now that, you have done with the selection of the router, connection, and other aspects. The next thing you should do is to connect your main router with the modern and your device. In case, you don’t have an Ethernet port in your device, then you have to buy and use Ethernet to USB-C (For MAC user) adapter or Ethernet to USB(For Windows user) adapter.

2) Configure Primary Router

Once you’re done with the initial router setup, you can proceed on to the next step which is also very important in the whole process. You need to modify the settings of both the routers to act as a single unit. You can easily change the settings by entering the router IP address in a web browser.

Now, before starting the process, we will like to inform that certain section of the set up the configuration may not match your router’s setup page. So, you can check your router’s manual to follow the process.

DHCP Setting for LAN to WAN

If you are planning to create the LAN to WAN network, then first log-in to your primary routers login page. This you can do by going to the Network Setup and by setting the DHCP service to give out address between and

DHCP Setting for LAN to LAN

But if you are creating a LAN to LAN network, then you can leave the DHCP setting at the default. Once you are finished, disconnect the router from your computer.

3) Configure Secondary Router

Now, connect your secondary router and open its set up window. Then, change the third portion of its IP address by one digit. For example, if you used in the primary router, then you have to use in the secondary router.

If you are making a LAN to WAN network. then you have to change the secondary router’s WAP IP address to You have to do it if and only the primary router is set to For precaution, ensure that Subnet mask number matches with the primary router. Also, disable the UPnP on the secondary router, if it shows as an option.

DHCP Setting for LAN to LAN

To set up LAN to LAN network, you have to turn off the DHCP service of the secondary router.

DHCP Setting for LAN to WAN

For LAN to WAN network, you have to set the addresses of  DHCP server between and

4) Change The Wireless Channel

If both of your routers are wireless, you have to set their channels manually so that it does not interfere with each other. For example, you can set your primary router’s channels from 1 to 6 and set up your secondary router to channel to 11.

Now that you are done with the most complicated part there are only a few steps left to complete the process of how to set up a second router.

5) Place your Router

After the configuration part has completed, you can place your router anywhere you like. But you have to keep in mind that both the routers need to be connected with an Ethernet Cable. You need to put both ends of the Ethernet cable with the LAN port of both the routers. For LAN to WAN connection, put one end of the ethernet cable with the WAN port of the secondary router.
Hope these methods will completely help you in guiding with effective solutions to connect router to router. If you are still having a problem in setting up a second router, then contact the router’s manufacturer for further guidance or you can even opt for a professional’s help

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