Avail Complete Guide on How to Reset a Router

Avail Complete Guide on How to Reset a Router

January 26, 2019 ROUTER 0

A router is a networking device which exchanges data packets and transmits it in various devices. As routers are really an indispensable device for the users, it is being used by a number of users from time to time for the purpose of connecting the internet. But due to its wide and long-term use and sometimes because of not taking care of the routers, several issues might appear on it. So, resetting a router is one of the very common methods which we should be thorough with. Thus, if you are wondering how to reset a router, then you have arrived on the right page. Here, in this article, we have mentioned the best possible ways to do this. You can thoroughly go through this entire post and reset your router without facing any difficulty.


Reset Your Router By Following Some Effective and Easy Steps:


There are multiple ways to reset the router. But, here we have mentioned one way which is mostly used in order to reset the router. To perform this action, you can take a glance below.


Hard Reset the Router


When an administrator has forgotten their keys or passwords, and want to begin over with a fresh setting, then a hard reset is the most drastic type of router reset that is being most commonly used by the users as well as by the professionals. This is because a hard reset eliminates all the customizations including security keys, password, username, custom DNS servers forwarding settings etc. But the hard reset doesn’t revert the recently installed version of router firmware. To do this process, follow the below steps:


Primarily, you need to disconnect the router from the modem. To do so, you need to disconnect the ethernet cable which connects to your modem and router. Once you are done with it, simply find your router’s Reset button. After you have found it, press and hold that button for about 5 seconds. After 5 seconds of pressing, you need to release that button. This process will reboot your router. Once your router turns on, plug the router back into the modem. After this process, simply search for the router’s stock password. You might find it on the bottom. When done completely, you can try to reconnect it to the Wi-fi. This is one of the best ways to reset a router.


Ending Notes:


We hope, after following the above-discussed method, you can easily reset your router and that too without causing any complexities. But, in case, you find any difficulty in catching-up any of the above steps, then you can come in contact with an experienced technician for router resetting.

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