Get to Know The Basic Steps on How to Reconfigure Router

Get to Know The Basic Steps on How to Reconfigure Router

February 28, 2019 ROUTER 0

A maximum number of router users are come across with this query how to reconfigure router?. Reconfiguring your router can seem intimidating to most of the router users, be it of any brand. There are several reasons why you need to reconfigure your router.


Most of the people want to reconfigure their router to modify the password and name of the network, to optimize the bandwidth or strengthen their network security. Moreover, you also might encounter some issues which leads you to reset your router. In order to reset your router, it’s very important to reconfigure your router’s network.

However, reconfigure a router is not a laborious task. You just need to follow some simple and easy steps to reconfigure your router. The steps are listed in the following section by which you can easily reconfigure a router’s network.     

Step-by-Step Guidance on How to Reconfigure Router:


There may be a number of reasons why you need to reconfigure your router. However, if you are looking for the proper steps and recommendations to reconfigure router then, go through the stepwise solutions listed below which would probably help you to reconfigure your router.

Step 1:

At first, you need to make sure that your router is connected properly to the DSL modem or cable.  Moreover, the modem should be connected with the WAN ( wide area network ) port of the router.

Step 2:

With the help of the Ethernet cable, you need to connect your system to one of the other ports on your router. This process will grant your system to connect directly with your router settings.  

Step 3:

Once the connection process is done, you need to turn your router off and on again after a minute. In fact, you need to wait until all of the diagnostic lights turn on and remain steady.

Step 4:

Before trying this step, you need to know the default IP address of your router.

At first, turn on your computer. After that, you need to open the web browser and enter your router’s default IP address. Whenever you are prompted for the password and username of your router, enter it.

This information should be in your documentation manual. If not then, directly go to your router manufacturers’ website and check the model and brand of your router. From that website, there are chances that you will get the default password and username of your router.  

Step 5:  

Now, you can reconfigure your network set up on the configuration page of your router. Apart from that, you can also modify or change the encryption type, ( SSID ) network name or password of your router as per your requirement.  


Final Words:


Hopefully, above mentioned five steps are very effective and useful in reconfiguring the router. All the suggested steps are practical enough to give you the optimal solution on time. Moreover, the steps mentioned above are quite easy and simple so one does not need much of the technical knowledge or skills to perform the above troubleshooting steps. In case, you face any confusion or trouble, it is recommended to opt for technical assistance from an experienced professional.

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