Easy Guide To Your Factory Reset Linksys Router

Easy Guide To Your Factory Reset Linksys Router

October 1, 2018 ROUTER 0

Sometimes when your wifi goes off, you need to reset your router. Resetting the router can be necessary for various reasons. Here we shall discuss why and how you can factory reset Linksys router.

Linksys was founded in 1988 and has its headquarters present in the United States. The brand offers products related to networking. Their products include Wireless routers, Wi-Fi range extenders, network adapters, and switches.

However, not every gadget is perfect in the world, so is Linksys routers. So, if you have bought a new router, remember that in the long run, you may have to reset your router.


Reasons That May Lead To Factory Reset Linksys Router

Factory reset means to set the present state of your device back to its initial form, that is when it was released from the factory. Remember that when you are opting for factory reset, you will lose all the data and information that you have configured in your device.

Now we will discuss a few reasons that will force you to ask how to factory reset Linksys router.


Unable To Access Router Login Page

If you are unable to login to the router’s home page, then you can reset your router and see if the page appears or not.


Cannot Remember Your Password

If you forget your password somehow, then you may need to reset your router and set a new password.


Reset New IP Address

If your internet service provider wants you to set a new IP address, you may have to run a factory reset.


Router Malfunctioning

This is the most common issue that will ultimately force you to reset your password. Malfunctioning of the router is frequent, and it may occur due to technical glitches like a hardware failure.


Security Reasons

Security of your router is essential, as all the smart devices and the different Internet of Things are connected to the router. So, if your router is compromised, then it will affect the devices connected to it.

Let’s take a look at how you can factory reset Linksys router.


How To Factory Reset Linksys Router

There are two ways to reset your router. Go through both the methods and opt for whichever is more appropriate for you.


Hard Reset

You can apply hard reset on your router by pressing the button present on your router. Check the router and you will find a tiny button present either at the back or at the front of it. Press that button and wait for a while till the green light stabilizes.


Unplug And Plug Your Router

Switch off your router first. Then, unplug the cable. Wait for a few seconds and then plug it back in.

Next, check if you can open the router login web page. Go to the Administration tab and then select the Factory Defaults tab. Under Factory Defaults tab, click on the Restore Factory Defaults option. Finally, reconfigure all your Internet settings. Wait till the Power LED stabilizes.


Need A Helping Hand? Call Us

With the above techniques, you can restore the default factory version of the Linksys router. If you are unable to perform a factory reset or is in doubt regarding the procedure, then you can seek help from us. We are available round the clock.

Get in touch with us through our Linksys Support Number +1-855-817-7794. You can also write us a mail [email protected] describing your problems and issues. Again, you can chat with our online customer support and get the fixes for your router instantly.

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