Asus Router Optimized For Xbox: Customize Your Router To Deliver Incredible Performance

Asus Router Optimized For Xbox: Customize Your Router To Deliver Incredible Performance

March 2, 2019 ROUTER 0

Asus routers are well-known in the market because of its exceptional network coverage and high-end performance. Because of its quality features, Asus routers are used by a wide range of users to fulfill their personal and professional requirements. If you are playing online games via Xbox consoles but your Asus router is not supporting it, then you need to optimize your Asus router for Xbox. However, the steps of the Asus router optimized for Xbox is quite professional. If you read the instructions of this article minutely, you can also be eligible to perform this task very easily. So, without wasting time let us check out the most effective methods to do it.

Xbox is a gaming console and is available in both the Xbox Live and Xbox One mode. By adding the Xbox to the Asus server, you can enjoy the best ever performance to play an online game with your friends or colleagues. As said before, the process to do this is quite complicated and can be done only by following all these below instructions. So, check out the methods below.

Why Asus Router Should Be Optimized for Xbox?


Xbox One is one the most usable console to play video games online. If you want to optimize the Xbox One, then you need to utilize the port forwarding process. With the updating world, Xbox One gets replaced by Xbox live, the most updating version. However, the port forwarding process of the Asus router is very simple but not safe. So it is better to avoid this process and go with the Xbox Live to get a better experience in playing the online video games.

Lets us check the basic steps to perform the Asus router port forwarding process.

The process is very simple and for this, you need to get into your Asus account at first. After that, from this account, go to the left-hand side options panel and select the WAN option under the Advanced Settings. Next, from this right-hand side, tap on the Virtual Services/Port Forwarding tab. On doing this, you will find the Basic Config section. Under which activate the Yes option besides to Enable Port Forwarding. This will open the Port Forwarding List. Now, you can proceed to the further steps of completing the Asus router optimized for Xbox One process.

Effective Steps to Optimize Asus Router for Xbox:


There are several steps which you need to go through to optimize for Xbox Asus router. So, let begin with the steps mentioned below to get the complete knowledge of this process.

Step 1: Open the Login Page of the Asus Router


This is the simplest process among all the steps to perform. At first, open a browser of your system and on the address bar of it, place the IP address of your router. You will get the IP address of the router from the manual which comes with it. Otherwise, follow this method to get the IP address of your router manually. Then, by placing the IP address on the address bar of the router, hit the Enter button. This is the overall process to open the login page of the Asus router.

Press both the Windows and the letter R buttons at the same time to get the Run box open,  near to the Start menu. Now, make a single tap on the Backspace key to delete every single presence of the letter on it. After that, type cmd on it and hit on the Enter button. Next, as the Command Prompt window gets appeared, type ipconfig on it and hit the Enter key. Now, among these generating messages of this Command Prompt, search for the Default Gateway section. Also, note down the exact number along with the dots, which is present beside the Default Gateway section. This is the IP address of your router. is an example of the router’s IP address. You can find yours by following all these above instructions.

Step 2: Get into Your Asus Account


As you visit the login page of the Asus router, you will also see the blank spaces on it to fill. Now, fill the username and password sections with the proper details. If you have ever changed the password, then use that only. Otherwise, place admin in both the username and password sections and tap on the login box. All these are the process to be performed in order to get logged in to your Asus account. Now, follow these further steps to complete the Asus router optimized for Xbox process.

Step 3: Complete Asus Router Optimized for Xbox


Now, from your Asus router account, click on the Wireless option from the left-hand side panel. Then, tap on the General tab among the available options. This will open a window, under which go to the Wireless Mode section. After that, besides it (Wireless Mode), activate the “Optimized for Xbox” box. Then, navigate to the WPS tab and disable the Less security protocol option from here. Further, tap on the Professional tab and drop down menu arrow beside to Band and set it to 5GHz.

That’ all what you need to do, if you want to perform the Asus router optimized for Xbox process. Hopefully, by considering the steps described here, you will be able to optimize your Asus router for Xbox. If still, you fail to do it, then the best way is to opt for a tech expert who will resolve this complication without any hassle.

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