Comprehensive Guide on How to Open Ports on Router Within A Minute

Comprehensive Guide on How to Open Ports on Router Within A Minute

February 23, 2019 ROUTER 0

With the latest advancement in the games and applications, it is becoming more than important to either setup port forwarding on your home router or opens one or more ports. Generally, ports remain closed on a router (some routers may have one or two open ports by default ) and thereby assist the user to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access to their home network. It is true that opening any additional ports on your router may lead to security issues. But at the same time, it also helps you to gain access to a game or an application, which is utmost necessary. Hence, through this article, you get a vivid insight about port forwarding. Adding to that, you get to learn the essential steps that can help you on how to open ports on router.

Opening Ports On Router: Vivid Fact

Open port and port forwarding are synonymous terms. every port acts as a special pipe, which determines the type of traffic it will allow to pass through. If you abruptly note that the file server, online video games, or other networking programs are not functioning, then you need to open the specific ports intended for that application. By port forwarding, you are choosing a particular device that will permit or grant authorization to forward those requests. This whole process creates a direct line between the two that requires data flow.

As soon as you open the ports you are able to move files from the server. Moreover, you can also transfer data through the router, and out of the network to the FTP client (that is communicating with the device). Adding to all these, you can open ports for sharing and uploading files. Besides these, it is highly essential for instant messaging applications, too.

Thus if you ever face any technical glitch associated with authorization even when everything else is set up appropriately, then its time to surrender to port forwarding. Get to the next section to know about the effective steps that can help you to on ‘how to open ports on router’.

Effective Steps On How To Open Ports On Router

Below are two fundamental steps that you must go through in order to know how to open ports on router or forward ports on your router.

Method 1: Determine The IP address Associated With The Router

If you are operating through a windows device, then locating the IP address is more than an easy process.

  • First, go to the command prompt option and click on it. When a dialogue box appears on the screen, just type in the command ‘ipconfig’ and hit the Enter key.
  • A new window designated as ‘Windows IP Configuration’ appears on the screen.
  • Simply note down the numeral values beside the label: IPv4 Address, Default Gateway, Subnet Mask,and DNS Servers.
  • The number sequence, right next to the IPv4 Address label is your IP address.

In case you are working with more than one network adapter then you get to see each of them through the command list.

Method 2: Open The Router’s Configuration Page

In most of the latest versions of routers, you get to access the configuration interface also known as the administration panel, through the web browser.

  • Check whether you are connected through a secured local network. the connection can be either wireless or wired.
  • Navigate to the default browser and in the address bar type in the IP address and hit the Enter key.
  • If a web interface window appears on the screen, then it means you have successfully navigated to your router.

Now, follow the on-screen prompts and log in to your routers administrative panel.

Method 3: Get To The Port Forwarding Settings

Once you are able to get to the router’s configuration, try to locate the port forwarding settings tab.

  • Go to the ‘Applications & Gaming’ and click on it, from the drop down menu choose ‘Port forwarding’.
  • A  port forwarding screen will appear on your screen. Now you have to choose between Single port forwarding and Port Range Forwarding.
  • Type the port range or port number that you want to open. For one port, under both the Internal and External boxes, type the same number. If you want to go for port ranges, then use the Start box and End box.
  • Determine the requisite protocol type. When requested to name the port trigger point, type in anything that makes sense.

Finally, type in the static IP address. Right beside the port forwarding rule, tick either the Enable or On option.

Along with the steps mentioned above, you can also try to check that the firewall program is not blocking the ports. Then you need to disable the firewall option until everything gets sorted. Further, if the port is closed on the firewall, try to make minute adjustments and reconfigure the settings to open it. Additionally, you can also enable DMZ to eliminate the risk. Now, check whether you are able to run the applications without any hassle.


Every device is designed through distinct specifications and there are a vast array of router variations available in the market, the steps mentioned in the above section are not specific to any one device but to meet the overall demand. These tricks and hacks on how to open ports on router, must be enough to help you overcome this petty situation. However, if you need additional help, then you can refer to the router’s user manual, that came accompanying with your device. Lastly, if you are tech savvy then it gets highly important to gain requisite guidance within the proper time. In case you have a second thought let us know in the comment section below.

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