How To Find The Best Place to Put Router: A Comprehensive Guide

How To Find The Best Place to Put Router: A Comprehensive Guide

March 1, 2019 ROUTER 0

In this ever-growing world of digital advancement, getting proper WiFi and internet signal is a must. And this is where the need for the best place to put the router comes to play. Moreover, when we think of enhancing our home network, router placement becomes an obvious concern and indeed one of the major factors of consideration. And this further occasions the need for us to know the best place to put router so that you can derive the best network connectivity.


Therefore, in this article, we will provide a thorough guide to help you realize the importance of router placement in the context of improved connectivity. Besides the guidelines we offer will also help you determine the best location for wireless routers.

Most Effective Guidelines to Help you Find the Best Location for Wireless Router

Often, the WiFi connections might give trouble if it has not been positioned properly. Therefore, finding out an appropriate place for your WiFi routers is an essential prerogative for you. However, if you are not that familiar with the technical know-how, you may not be able to determine an appropriate position for your WiFi routers.


In this section, we are going to provide you suitable guidelines so that you place the router in an appropriate place and enjoy smooth and optimum WiFi connectivity.

Place the Router Right at the Center

Placing the router right at the center of a room enhances its network coverage to a major extent. So in case, you position your WiFi router at one particular corner of your room,  the coverage radiation would invariably drop. On the other hand, the distance of the signal is also an essential element of consideration. That is to say, if you have positioned your routers in close proximity to the coverage area, then the signal is likely to be stronger.


And most certainly in this context, the ideal position for you is the central location. This is because, by means of placing your routers at the center of your room, you can reduce the speed issues.

Always Position your Routers at a High Place

If you wish to enjoy super-fast and high WiFi connectivity, then you should always position your WiFi at a high place. This is because when you place your routers at a higher position, you generally derive a greater signal for the areas where you are using internet. This also reduces the risk of signal intervention with other objects.

Place the WiFi Routers away from Walls or Bricks

Now that you know the enormous importance of router placement for good signal, you should ensure that you place your router in a place from where you can enjoy great signal. And in this context, it is essential that you do not place your WiFi close to concrete materials or in between brick walls.


This is because while most of the materials reflect a certain degree of radiation, concrete materials absorb radiation quite strongly. In addition to this, ceilings and floors are generally found to be more transmissible compared to walls. Therefore, it is always safe to avoid walls.

Beware of Microwaves

If you wish to enjoy super-fast WiFi network, then do not place your router close to a microwave heater ever. This because even a little bit of radiation proves extremely detrimental or harmful for your WiFI signal. That is to say, even your microwave releasing a bit of radiation can disrupt the network coverage of the WiFi to a major extent.

Stay Away from the Metal Objects

When talking about the best location for a wireless router, it is essential that you position your WiFi routers away from metal objects. This is because metals can cause potential disruption to your WiFi network coverage.


As per the information gathered from a considerable degree of experimentation, metals dissipate a substantial degree of electromagnetic energy. And as such, it is definitely quite unsafe for your WiFi routers.

Place the Antennas High for Horizontal Reach and Sideways for Vertical

When you go on to determine the best place for a wireless router, the position, as well as the directions of the antennas, matter a lot. If yours is a many-storied apartment, then you can place the router antennas sideways. This will enable you to derive high signal upstairs. And as you point the antenna upwards, it generally reaches out further.

However, in case the antenna has two pointers, then you need to be even more careful about its placement. Make sure you place one of your antennas upwards while the other pointer should be put sideways. And if yours is a router without antennas, worry not. You just have to see to it that you don’t place a vertical router to its side.

Avoid Placing your Router in a Overcrowded Place

When you think about the best place to put the router, please ensure that it is not placed amidst too many people. Because often a congested room can disrupt the network coverage of the WiFi router to a considerable degree. The same thing also goes for internet connection. So, whenever look for an appropriate placement for the WiFi routers, avoid a place that is dingy or overcrowded.

Ending Note

Thus, if you are looking for a comprehensive guide on the best place to put the router, then undoubtedly our article should prove immensely helpful to you. And needless to say that you can trust the router placement tips we offered. Therefore, drive your worries and follow the guidelines we provided. And you shall have your results before you to boast of.

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