How To Configure Router? Get Useful Guidelines

How To Configure Router? Get Useful Guidelines

February 26, 2019 ROUTER 0

In this world, we can’t think a day without the internet. In schools, colleges and every business sectors, having an internet connection has become an essential factor. However, security is also very important to keep the personal details safe from the prying eyes. For this purpose, configuring a router becomes a very important task to perform. Here, in the sections below, you will get the complete guidelines to the process of “how to configure router?”

By configuring your router properly, you can not only save your details from the hackers but also, you can save your child from the wrong content, which are available on the internet. So, let us proceed to the steps to learn the proper method to optimize the router.

How to configure router properly?

If you have purchased a new router that you need to configure, then down below are the steps which you can try:

Step One: Connect the router wIth the computer device

First of all, you need to select a proper location to install the router. Because the installation location plays a vital role to the internet speed. After placing the router in a proper zone now, connect it with your system via following the manual which comes with the router device. Then, supply the power to both the computer and the router devices. This is the initial step you need to perform to begin “how to configure router?” process. And if you are already a user of a router and want to learn the configuration process, only then skip this, and start with this below step.

Step Two: Open the Login page of your router

To begin this step, at first you need to know the IP address of your router. And the process to know it, is very simple and are as follows.

Press the Windows button and without leaving it again tap the letter R key (Windows + R). This process will open a window at the left-hand side below-corner, termed as Run bar window. Now, without doing any further process, press the Backspace key once so that the command gets delete from the Run bar if any. And then type cmd on it and tap the Enter button, this will appear the Command Prompt window. Now, type “ipconfig” in it and again, hit the Enter button. This time you will see that many messages get appear in this Command Prompt window. Then, from these appearing messages search for the Default Gateway section. The number with dots beside to the Default Gateway section is the IP address of the router, which is required to open the router log in page. Note down this IP address of the router using a pen and paper or any other means. is an example of an IP address. This example is given so that you can be able to identify the IP address of your router from the Command Prompt window.

Now, launch a browser from your system, and click on the address bar of it, to place the IP address of your router. After place, the IP address on the address bar of the router hit the Enter button, this will navigate you to the login page of your router.

Step Three: Sign In to your router’s account

On this login window of your router, you will find the two blank spaces. In many of the cases, where you need to put the username and password of your router. If you have ever changed the details (Username and password), then enter those only. Otherwise, place the default username and password on these blank spaces. Check the stickers attached on the router’s body, to know its default username and password. In most of the cases, the default username is “admin” and the default password is  “admin” or “password”. After entering the proper details, now, click on the Login option to enter into your router account. Now, you can proceed further to the below steps of “how to configure router?”

Step Four: Start the process to configure the essentials of a router

These below are the important things to configure to build a secure router connection:

  • Admin Password for router management
  • Blocking Websites
  • The Network SSID (Wireless)
  • Password for the DSL link

Admin password for the Router Management

To make this change, at first, go to the Settings of your router from your router’s account. Then, search for the Admin Password section and hit on it. On doing this, you will get the details box open. After filling up all these boxes, with the details, click on the Save box, to apply the changes.

Note: To create a strong password for your account, you need to full fill some of the criteria which you can find on this page. Try to make the password which is easy for you to remember and difficult for others to guess it.

Blocking Websites

Disabling some of the restricted sites is very important to keep your system risk free. And for this, the process which you need to follow is as below.

Go to the Security or Parental Controls section of your router account. Then, in this section, you can be able to restrict some specific or restricted sites to access from any device, which uses your network connection.

All these are some of the important steps to follow to complete the process of “how to configure router?’

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