Learn How to Configure Linksys Wireless Network With Workable Instructions

Learn How to Configure Linksys Wireless Network With Workable Instructions

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Often, Linksys router users find it difficult to do the initial setup and configure the settings properly. However, how to configure linksys wireless network is easy and simple in application. Even if you are a non-tech savvy, you can simply follow the instructions to install the Linksys wireless device on your computer. Also, it doesn’t require any installation of additional programs for configuring the Linksys router. So, if you want to know more about the technical details regarding the router’s configuration settings, keep reading this article.

Here, you will get to learn the steps regarding how to configure linksys router. Also, if you have already installed this router but facing issues due to incorrect settings, this article will cover resetting tips. So, let’s start with the step-by-step process to install Linksys router along with the configuration.

Steps to Follow While you Configure Linksys Router

In order to learn how to configure linksys router, you must go through the setup process. Basically, you can select an installation CD or DVD to get the Linksys firmware on your PC. Otherwise, you can download the drivers for Linksys router from reliable resource and install it. So, before you go through the procedure, make sure to get Linksys Connect software for your device. Also, get in touch with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to know the details on the internet connection.  Now, let’s cover each one of the procedures, which are necessary for knowing how to configure linksys wireless network.

Step 1: Check Internet connectivity

In order to verify that there is an active internet connection on your PC, use an Ethernet cable and connect it to the modem. Make sure the cable is error-free, which you are connecting between the computer and modem. Also, take another cable to connect the Linksys router and the modem using appropriate ports.

Step 2: Examine LEDs of router

Use a working power outlet for connecting your router’s power adapter and then check its LEDs. You must see the front panel to make sure all the port lights are lit. In case any light is missing, recheck the cables for switching it on and follow the remaining steps to configure Linksys wireless router.

Step 3: Clone your PC’s MAC

In this step, open Linksys router online setup page by using any reliable web browser on your computer. Next, take your cursor to the address bar and type ‘’ in it. As you hit the ‘Enter’ key, it will open the router login window with username and router password. So, you must not enter any username but write ‘admin’ in the password field. On hitting the ‘OK’ button, you will get the setup page for Linksys router. Hence, below the setup tab, you will find the option of ‘MAC Address Clone’ in front of ‘Basic Setup’. So, click on it and make sure to select the ‘Enabled’ button. Also, hit the tab for ‘Clone My PC’s MAC’ and save these changes by clicking on the Save Settings button.   

Step 4: Verify Internet status

After cloning your MAC address on the router’s setup page, you must check if the internet’s status is still active. In order to confirm this, open the Linksys web page and find the ‘Status’ tab. On clicking it, you will be able to view the connection details of your internet. So, if the value for Internet IP Address is shown as, you need to renew it. Hence, hit the ‘Release IP Address’ button and then click on ‘Renew IP Address’.  In case, you are using Link system router with Wireless B or Wireless G configuration, hit the buttons for ‘DHCP Release’ and ‘DHCP Renew’. Hopefully, now you will be able to access the internet after following all these procedures.

Step 5: Change SSID Settings

On the router login page, click on the menu tab for ‘Wireless’ at the top of the settings screen. If it shows SSID or any wireless network name, you need to select a unique name. Also, you have to disable the option for ‘Wireless SSID Broadcast’ and hit the button for ‘Save Settings’. Once it displays the dialog of ‘Settings are successful’, you need to click on ‘Continue’ and choose ‘Wireless Security’. So, select the option for ‘Security Mode’ as WEP and follow the instructions to set username and password for Linksys router. Further, you can edit the Wireless MAC Filter list and type the individual MAC address for devices. You can reset the router in order to configure devices on this network for enabling the internet.

Follow these steps to reset your Linksys router

  • Press and hold the router’s ‘Reset’ button for 30-50 seconds.
  • Release ‘Reset’ as the lights for WLAN, Power and internet lits back.
  • Open browser after connecting PC to Linksys router via an Ethernet cable.
  • Type, hit ‘Enter’ and follow step 3 for re-accessing router’s login page.
  • In case, it’s a new router setup, type ‘admin’ for both username and password field.
  • Then go through step 1 to 5, as discussed in this article for configuring Linksys router.

However, if you want to edit any setting in order to configure Linksys router after initial setup, you need to select the ‘Administration’ tab. Also, you will be asked to enter the router password for confirming the settings on the Linksys setup. For further details, do share your feedback.

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