[SOLVED] Linksys Router Change Channel: Six Basic Steps

[SOLVED] Linksys Router Change Channel: Six Basic Steps

March 1, 2019 ROUTER 0


Wireless network interference issue is the most basic problem that your router may face. Due to this, you might wonder how to go for Linksys router change channel. This interference issues usually arise with your Linksys router due to several reasons. This Linksys router channel changing process can fix intermittent signals and help you to optimize the WiFi connection and thus, enhancing the overall wireless experience.


Furthermore, this interference issue can occur due to location or distance of the router from where you are using the internet, as well as some physical obstruction (glass, mirror or metal objects).


However, if you are questioning how to change the wireless channel of your Linksys Router, then, it is recommended to scroll down and read this article. Below-described simple steps will guide you with Linksys router change channel.

Some Effective Steps to Change Channel on Linksys Router

You can easily resolve various types of minor issues of your Linksys router in an effective way by changing the channels. As earlier explained, there are various types of interference issues that can lead you to change the wireless channel of your Linksys router.


To do so, you need to follow some simple steps. The steps are described in the following section of this article.

Step #1

You can easily change the wireless channel of your Linksys router through the classic web-based setup page of your router. Therefore, at first, you need to open the web-based setup page of your Linksys router. Use any reliable browser of your choice to do so.

Step #2

Open the Linksys official website. Then, tap on the Wireless tab under the web-based setup page.

Step #3

Choose the Manual option under the Basic Wireless Settings tab. You can adjust the wireless channels of your Linksys router as per your requirement by choosing the Manual Setup option.

After completion of the process, you need to tap on the Save Settings option.


For some of the Linksys routers models, you do not need to choose the Manual option. Instead of that, you can tap on the Wireless option. Then, go to the Basic Wireless Settings option.

After that, you need to locate the Wireless Channel to make the changes with the help of drop-down menu.


Moreover, if you are using a simultaneous dual-band Linksys router to connect the devices, then, you need to follow the same steps for both frequencies (5 GHz and 2.4 GHz).

Step #4

Especially for the 5 GHz network, you can transfer to either 40 MHz or 20 MHz for the channel width. In addition, 20 MHz channel width is appropriate for the 2.4 GHz frequency.


Moreover, you might want to avert interference with other frequencies of networks in your location. In that case, you need to set the channel width 20 MHz only for both the frequencies (5 GHz and 2.4 GHz).

Step #5

You need to tap on the drop-down button for the available channels. After that, choose the wireless channel for your Linksys router as per your preference.


Note: The recommended channels for the 5 GHz network are 44, 40, 36, and 48. On the other hand, the 9, 6, 1, and 11 channels are the best for the 2.4 GHz networks. Furthermore, the recommended channels are considered as a non-overlapping channel.


However, if you are not encountering with any connectivity issues with your Linksys router then, it is amplest to leave the wireless channel to the Auto mode.

Step #6

Tap on the “Save Settings” button to save the changes. This way, the procedure will be over without any hassle.


In this article, effective and useful six steps are mentioned for Linksys router change channel. Moreover, the steps are practical enough, and thus, can give you the optimal solution on time.


Furthermore, if you are looking for the solution on how to change channels on Linksys router, then this article will help you with the best possible solutions. Try the above-mentioned simple steps to change the wireless channels of your Linksys router.

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